Let me formally introduce Edgar and Ella!


Old Timer
Mar 26, 2010
The G.pulchra sling I purchased last year has molted for the 3rd time in my care. I confirmed him to be a him (please see my pic in Spermathecae sexing) and have named him Edgar (for Edgar Allen Poe who wrote, among other things, The Raven). He's a cutie and has been doing the tippy toes since he molted! (but not all the time, lest you think he's uncomfortable or something) He's eaten once since molting.

Here is Ella for her first appearance on AB. She (I'm almost positive she's a she) is a more brown-toned G.rosea than my first T, Rosie (who is more coppery-pink). She has not molted yet in my care--I've had her since September last year--but eats very well. She's also a good 2 inches bigger than Rosie. I named her for the tarantella dance. :)

And this is a bonus pic of my pet hole, Spidey (H.lividum). I have seen him out once since he molted last year in the middle of the night and his gorgeous blue legs once at the top of his hole where the webbing is. Ya for pet holes!!! {D