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Leirus quinquestriatus


Old Timer
Jan 3, 2004
Ok, I'm posting this for everyone's amusement...

As per some of my recent posts my gravid Leirus quinquestriatus recently popped and had nearly 50 babies. I started slowly seperating them into deli cups as they began to come off moms back. I was keeping the deli cups in a plastic drawer unit in my "make-shift" climate controlled closet. Well on Friday morning I was going through misting each of the deli cups when I stuck my arm in the shallow drawer to reach one of the cups in the rear and experienced what felt like grease platter on my thumb. It didn't even phase me because I thought I just scraped my hand on one of the sharp edges. About 3-4 seconds after feeling it, my lips started to tingle and I knew I had been stung. In my haste I didn't notice one of the deli cups had air holes on the sides which were fairly low & large enough for the 2nd Instar Scorps to crawl out. The Little DS that tagged me is less then 3/4" long.

A little about the sting itself...
As stated above it felt like a small grease splatter (like when you are cooking w/ a frying pan...) and I noticed tingling in my lips, cheeks, & ears within seconds of being stung. After 5 minutes or so I felt a little queeziness which lasted a couple hours. By the 4th hour a small blister had formed where I was stung, but no real lasting effects or pain. On a scale of 1 to 5 (one being weakest) I would rate it as a 1, however, I don't plan on getting stung by a larger one for comparative purposes! Sorry guys! :D



Old Timer
May 31, 2003
Leiurus quinquestriatus scorpling

I was stung just below the nail on my index finger by a 2nd instar Leiurus quinquestriatus last night (tiny compared with the adults).

It was excessively painful, the sting site was burning intensely for the first 10mins, after about 15mins my arm was very numb and the elbow stiff. At about 20mins it was the most painful, it felt like someone was stabbing my armpit with a knitting needle every minute or so, the left side of my chest was also tingling, for some reason my teeth also felt like they were throbbing. After about 35mins all of the major symptoms had vanished, the arm was very stiff and the finger still felt like it was being continuously burned by a hot needle. The burning continued for about 2h, painful enough to stop me sleeping.

This morning the finger is still stiff, and the sting site is painful to the touch. The sting site visually shows little sign of the sting, just a slight red bump.

This is the first time I've been stung by a scorpion in captivity, hopefully the last. The amount of venom injected by the scorpling must have been tiny yet the effects were very painful, if only for a short time. The adults of this species need to be treated with serious respect.


Jun 1, 2003
Leirus quinquestriatus ( Adult )

Hello let me start by saying I always tell people that common sense is number 1 when keeping scorpions of any specie's,Now I'll tell you what happened (9/19/07 even when exercising common sense:? .Last night around 4:30pm-est I was doing my basic feeding and checking for young when with great percision a female approx:3in or so hit so fast and exactly through a tiny hole in a large deli container got me in the left thumb and I knew I was hit by the PAIN that traveled right up to the elbow.I notified my Doctor and I must say that I was afraid not knowing how bad she got me and I was hopeing it was a dry sting.Anyway I was told to keep my hand in ice and to watch for any swolling which did not occur.The first hour was the worst and after 3hours of extremely painfull throbbing of the thumb and then the arm from the wrist to the elbow felt like it was on fire and very sensitive to the touch I knew I was out of possible real danger but had to deal with the pain and no sleep last night.As a precaution I also took medication for pain and antibiotics.This morning(9/20/07)at 8:30am-est I felt alittle better and the pain has gone but left a very sensitive area on the thumb and wrist and hopefully all will be well.I have been keeping and breeding scorpions for over 30 years and have been stung from time to time and I claim never to be an expert but this is an experience that i never want to repeat or should anyone have to go through this or anything worst.EXPEXT THE UNEXPECTED,IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!!