Latrodectus Eggsack hatching now & questions...


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Apr 9, 2004
I have a Latrodectus hesperus "Western Black Widow" eggsack hatching and not sure if they are ready or not.

I have plenty of Tarantula breeding and hatching but never widows.These guys are hatching in a 10 dram vial with very small holes that they cant get through.

I tried to get the best pics of them I could so bear with me,

Will these guys be ready to eat at this stage :? or are they still needing a molt? I think they are what I call 2nd instar but not sure if it's the same with T as widows.

If they are ready to eat, I will start seperating them.



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Aug 8, 2004
I know that the local widows found here in BC, Canada disperse very shortly after hatching. They throw out a line of silk and "float away" even in a room with very little air movement so be careful when trying to separate them! I had a few almost get away from me the last time I had a batch!
Unfortunately I can't see the pic you posted as I'm currently behind a firewall but shortly after dispersing they setup tiny webs of their own and are pretty much ready to eat from there. The problem can be finding small enough prey items as often times, even a fruit fly can be a tall order for these guys!
If you didn't want to separate them all out individually right away, you could setup a larger secure enclosure with sticks etc that they could build webs in and then open the vial in that enclosure and leave them, they should disperse and create webbing on the sticks etc and then you could feed them from there. This might also make them a bit easier to separate once they are a little bigger!
Hope this helps!