Lasiodora klugi pre-molt length


Sep 11, 2016
I bought an adult female Lasiodora klugi last month and for the first couple of weeks, it ate just fine, even taking a couple of crickets the first day I brought it home (I've since switched to large dubias for her). Since September 27, she hasn't eaten anything I've offered her, usually a large dubia once a week. I'm not too worried about her, she's certainly just in pre-molt.

This is the first adult "large" tarantula I've ever had. The rest of my collection is fairly new, with the other six being slings or juveniles. In the past, 15-20 years ago, I had adult G. roseas, which obviously got no where near as big as this L. klugi. So I'm not too familiar with how long these big guys can be in the non-eating part of pre-molt. With my juveniles right now, they seem to stop eating for 2-4 weeks before a molt. Obviously, being bigger, I would expect "Wanda" to go longer without food before molting. I'm just curious what other people's experience has been with the length of the non-eating pre-molt period for Lasiodoras.

The last meal where Wanda ate was on September 20 when she had a large, 1.5 inch Dubia. The first meal where she didn't eat was on September 27. I've put in a dubia once a week since then to see if she might be interested, but she either ignores it or shies away. Her last attempted feeding was last night. I just got done fishing the dubia out since Wanda was STILL using two feet to hold it down.
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Feb 22, 2014
That is normal for such a big girl. Just as an example, my 2" Pampho sp. goliath went into premolt for a month and molted not to long ago. She could probably go into premolt for 4-5 months before actually molting. When at that size, they can go without food for a long time. They are tough, so don't worry about feeding as much with adults. Good luck with that beast, they are monsters! :D