Lasiodora Identification


Sep 11, 2016
So last month I partly hijacked another thread about Lasiodora klugi to discuss the ID of my MF Lasiodora, "Wanda". Based on the photos boina posted, it seems pretty clear that Wanda's not a klugi, but actually a difficilis.

I still have my doubts, so I've posted a new photo I took today of her. I've also posted the best photo I can take of her spermatheca from a molt from last October. I came up blank in look for photos of the spermatheca of the various Lasiodora species online. I found a drawing online for klugi and photos of parahybana but I'm coming up blank for difficilis and itabunae.

I know recent revisions of Avicularia and Aphonopelma have had photos of the spermatheca of the various species considered. In some of my internet search, I've seen references to a future revision for Lasiodora coming, from Bertani I think, but those posts were from 2010 and I don't see anything about that in the WSC. Anyone know what the status of that is?


Aug 23, 2014
I haven't seen it. As far as I know, Lasiodora is still a mess. I'd check out the photo gallery for Lasiodora and see if there are any good pics in there. Good luck!