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Lasiodora difficilis

Tangled WWWeb

Old Timer
Nov 4, 2002
Successful? -

Any special care or preliminary notes for the lovers -

How they were paired -
Male was placed in female's enclosure.

Any observations on the hookup -
One insert was observed before things turned violent and the male was removed.

Any special post mating care -
Not intentionally. Our furnace was broken for a few days about a week before the eggsac was produced. I did well to get the temps in the low 60's. After it was repaired this female and a G. rosea female made sacs just days apart. Whether or not this prompted eggsac production would be pure speculation on my part.

Time to sac -
Approximately 5 months.

Care of the sac -
The sac was left with the female. She destroyed most of it at 24 days.

Time to emerge/hatch-
Eggs with legs and unhatched eggs were seen strewn about her enclosure at 24 days.

The final details -
Seven nymphs were put into a hammock incubator. Four of these molted to 1st instar at 36 days. All but one of the remaining four molted to 2nd instar around the 63 day mark. That brings us to a whopping grand total of 3 slings!