lasidora (parahybana) looses leg


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Jul 18, 2002
hey all. i felt compelled to share my distresses about my l. parahybana who recently moulted. you know how a while back i was thanking the spider gods for such good luck during moults? well, it seems as if it is finally time to pay the p-terror (or something). my sling is currently around 2-inches and i've had her around two months (wayne, want to confirm that?). anyhoo, her first moult she had after i got her went a little kooky since her "foot" was caught in the exuviae. she was able to manuver it out, but it dried bent backwards in an unnatural position. luckily, that problem has been taken care of with this last moult, however, her third leg on her right-hand side got caught in the exuviae this time. so she "released" it at her carapace.

maybe i should call myself "krystal, the seven-legged spider owner."

i hope all this "losing her legs while moulting" drama ends soon. otherwise, i'll have a huge-bodied tarantula with these little, dwarf-like legs.

and i shall call them "weiner-dog spiders"
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Vayu Son

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Jul 19, 2002

I got one to, a chilean rose lost it while mating, but shes doing fine now, just hobbles alot.