L. klugi breeding experience


Old Timer
Nov 16, 2007
I'm looking for any help and information concerning the breeding of L. klugi.
The female (Indie) Ive used is the one that won the Best NW Terrestrial and Best in Show at BTS 2010. She's over 8" and rather docile, but always impressive with her bulk.

She was mated on 1st August and again several times after until the female shy'd away from the male and I subsequent sent him on his way. From what I can gather L. parahybana are about 4 months gestation, seem to seek out high moisture levels and produce ewls about 30 days later. I can't find anything about L. klugi which isn't surprising when there's possibly 2 forms.

So far, she's not eaten much more, but rarely eats much tbh. She's abandoned her hide and cleared substrate from atop the cork bark, she's also seeking moist areas.

I'm guessing the gestation period will be similar to parahybana so I woulnt mind hearing peoples experience. Temps, timescales, where the sac was laid etc.

Please and thanks