Knowing the T


Old Timer
Aug 7, 2002


I have been into the T pet "care" for about 6-7 months ( and I am a rookie ) and one thing I can say is that T's has a huge amount of "personality".

My 5-6 inch Chaco "Marge" is a very laid back T,,she does everything in slooow-motion.
When I want to check her for clean up sometimes when I don't see her "left-overs" I gently push her back(abdomen) and she walks a step at the time like a lady with style. She kinda "know" what's going on.

My Irminia, is out every now and then and walking around,, I had a new piece of wood for my Irminia and I also let a cricket in there,. well, my Irminia was doing a walk-around like s/he allways does inside the cage and this also a new cage setup and the cricket went down into the new web setup that my Irminia had done while my Irminia was on the other side of the cage.
Guess what happened when the Irminia returned to her web setup?
"wow fast food"..:)
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