Know of any good sites???


Old Timer
Sep 25, 2006
hello all. im daniel, aka blis. some of you may know me (lol). anyway, i bought my first african giant milli (A. gigas) a little bit back and im getting another one in the mail in the next couple of days, along w/ some desert milli's (O. ornatus)

- i was just wondering-- is there any sites that sell other species of millipede??? Any forums just for milli's??? im looking to buy some more types of milli. and soon im gonna have some narceus armericanus (as soon as it becomes spring, they'll be all over the place outside). im also planning to catch some of the Aphelora tigana soon too once spring hits.

- oh yeah, i also have one S. subspinipes 9.5", i like to feed it mice :D

any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks.