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KenTheBugGuy (www.KenTheBugGuy.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by davegrimm1, May 26, 2007.

  1. taraction

    taraction Arachnosquire

    just did another transaction with ken and all the usual great stuff apply - great communication, great packaging, great prices, great service. highly, highly recommend ken!
  2. freedumbdclxvi

    freedumbdclxvi Arachnoprince

    Did another order and everything was great. Excellent packaging and excellent communication. It is always a pleasure dealing with Ken!
  3. psohn703

    psohn703 Arachnosquire

    Positive. Just got a large order in from ken. Everything came great no doa with great packing. Thanks ken.
  4. Positive!

    My two Ts arrived safe and sound. Excellent packaging and service, but I expected as much after seeing all the great reviews. Thanks again Ken!
  5. pureabsolutevoid

    pureabsolutevoid Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Packing, shipping, and delivery are absolutely perfect. Everything was perfect really. I would buy from again.
  6. cobwebweaver

    cobwebweaver Arachnopeon

    Ken the Bug Guy - Continious Bad Deals

    I don't normally post bad reviews and I usually give the seller multiple chances to make things right. After three bad transactions, I feel it is necessary too warn other potential buyers. The problem is Ken has a tough time keeping up with his inventory and price list. If you order something rare and exotic then there is a good chance that he doesn't have it. Once paid, he will take 3 to 4 days too get back to you telling you that he no longer has the spider that you ordered. What makes matters worse is if you pay by paypal, then you may have to wait 5 to 7 days to get a refund, as paypal puts a temporary hold on refunds. Granted the temporary hold is not his fault, as its paypal, but it should be noted. However, it wouldn't be a problem if he kept up with his inventory. So my story is that I ordered a Monocentropus lambertoni adult female from him several months ago and I was excited to get one of these, but I was let down 3 days later when he emailed me telling me that he no longer had the spider and that it had died. I was greatly disappointed, as I had been waiting eagerly for 3 days for a shipping notification. Nevertheless, I understand accidents can happen and shortly after I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and order from him again, as he does have a tempting hard to find selection. I ordered a Calisoga longitarsis, silver false tarantula, from him and three days later he emailed me telling me once again that this spider had died and he doesn't have any for sale. Once again, I was disappointed and I had to wait for a refund. I thought that this must be a fluke and gave him yet another chance, so last week I ordered a Selenocosmia dichromata from him. This time after a few days, I didn't here from him, so I decided to email him asking the shipping status and guess what, yep he no longer has the spider. I sent him $150 and it took me 5 days to get a refund through paypal with yet another disappointment. Personally, I'll think twice before ordering another spider from Ken. If you choose too do business with him then I would suggest that you email him first too see if he even has it.
  7. KenTheBugGuy

    KenTheBugGuy Arachnodemon

    I agree this person did happen to pick something that we already sold on my site. My inventory is a few days off sometimes as I cant update it fast enough and that is the reason this happens at times. I also sell stuff in the store and sometimes that will throw the inventory off a bit. I do apologize and it was bad luck this happened a couple times to you. As to the 3 days to get back its because he orders on a Wednesday or Thursday and I process the orders on Sunday. If he ordered on Sunday it would be a few hours to get the notice. Or Sunday night it would be the next day. So that is just happen stance of when he ordered it. None the less the guy is right we were out of the things he ordered. I do apologize about that Cobweweaver.

    Would like to point out I do refund right away when this does happen though not like we kept the money, gave a hard time or anything. We always do our best to keep things up to date and always refund if anything goes wrong.
  8. Julesbugs

    Julesbugs Arachnopeon

    Just received my order from Ken today. My T's (a 2 inch Avic avic and a 1/2 inch Avic metallica) are in fabulous shape and just gorgeous. Packaged very well and arrived earlier than expected. Would certainly order him from again!
  9. Not Good

    Well, I ordered a giant vinegaroon from him and when it arrived it was dead. I paid for 2 day shipping, I cant get a refund so I was fine with that, that part, my fault.
    Now, the way it was shipped though is what I have an issue with. It was put into a cylinder and was stuffed to the bottom with newspaper, Not THAT bad. It was stuffed so far down that it was at a 90 degree angle. Its whole body was in a "L" angle and it couldn't move in any way. I don't know, I still think it should have lived even if I paid for 2 day shipping. It just doesn't seem right.
  10. moccor

    moccor Arachnopeon

    First time buyer from Ken. I ordered the 10 bulk of Lasiodora Parahybana and 20x Isopods. Though I didn't have many questions, he responded very quickly. And if I responded quickly to his quick response, he again responded quickly. I didn't count the Isopods, but it sure looked like at least 20 and at his low price compared to other places, I would be completely satisfied even if I got less, simply due to his reputation and making me feel safe that the Isopods were safe to be in the environment with other animals. To be honest, I am surprised those little things even survived. The temperature in Arizona compared to PA, is about +10-to-15 degrees. If I didn't make that order Tuesday morning, I think he would have been unable to ship any animals or bugs due to the insanely high temperature in Arizona for the next month or so. 9 of the 10 tarantulas were alive. I have read the shipping terms multiple times, so I knew to take a pic and send it asap. I also got a quick response from that asking if I would like another one or a refund. I really didn't need 10 tarantulas, so I was fine with the 6$ refund. Besides, 10 Lasiodora Parahybanas for 60$, there is nothing to complain about, it is a awesome deal. I've checked other sites and they want like 45$ for a single 2.5"-to-3", not including shipping.. Each of the 9 were pretty lively too. I didn't expect them to move so fast, as this is the first time I've owned such a small tarantula. But they looked very healthy to me. And of course, the same as many have stated, the packaging was very good. I am 100% satisfied and will definitely check out his website the next time I want to make a purchase.
  11. Positive...

    A friend and my self decided to order a couple grab bags just for the supprize of not knowing what's coming ;) and I have to say I am very impressed with what was inside! 6 tarantulas in total for 2 grab bags and well worth the price, we also got a handful of other things and everyone showed up alive :) I wasn't real impressed with the packing of the emp and the vinegaroon but they are still alive so I can't complain :) packing of the tarantulas and shipping were top notch! I will be ordering again if I see something I can't live without :)
  12. Naga

    Naga Arachnopeon

    Absolutely positive! Everything showed up in great condition, and with exception to an emperor scorpion somehow managing to totally explore his vial (he was in the bottom, and able to uncover himself), the packaging was superb! And the creatures? The only major mention is that the Avic Avic is a little bigger than expected, but that's fine by me :D
  13. Just got another box from Ken and everything went extremely well. This was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of the 20th package Ken has sent me and I couldn't be happier. His service and animals are all top quality. Ken is the best dealer around and won't let you down. I'm going to keep on ordering from him till the day I don't collect tarantulas anymore. Thanks, Ken!
  14. PeaceBee

    PeaceBee Arachnoknight

    100% positive!

    I made a trip to Ken's shop on Sunday (it's a beautiful drive!) to pick up some A. purpurea slings. He is a really nice guy, even with distractions going on around the shop, and is very attentive. I also noticed both times I went out there he informed me that the containers they were in needed more ventilation and they needed to be rehoused. I already know this, but it just goes to show that he wants your critters to thrive after you bring them home! :) My slings are webbing and eating and happy!

    Ken is always very responsive with emails, as well, despite getting probably a hundred a day. I will definitely do business with him again in the future!
  15. Positive
    I had a very short window of time to setup an education show, and needed a sure thing. Ken was a kind professional, and gave great suggestions in setting up the package. He took the time to answer questions, and was very generous. The package was setup just in time. The children helped me unpack, and tomorrow they can check them out.

    He setup a nice well rounded package, and the pricing was reasonable.

    His packing was one of the best I've seen so far, and that's a serious box. Usually when I unpack animals they are often playing dead due to stress. These animals were active and healthy. Zero issues.
  16. Spepper

    Spepper Arachnodemon

    I ordered some Florida Ivory millipedes from him, and they all arrived healthy and very active. My experience was definitely positive. :biggrin: Also, it was my first time ordering bugs online, and if I ever feel the need to add to my collection from his website again, I will be completely at ease. It was a great experience.
  17. Positive

    I just received five slings. Excellent packaging and great prices. Two m. balfouri, two GBB, and one B. klassi. Could not be happier. Of fifty slings I have owned, one of the balfouri is first one to ever threat pose me. Too cool. Thanks again, Ray Shotwell
  18. Quixtar

    Quixtar Arachnobaron Old Timer


    I bought two Rhagodes sp. solifugids from Ken. They were well packed and arrived in perfect health!

  19. Novatsk

    Novatsk Arachnopeon

    100% Positive!!

    Quick responses to my emails. Great communication! Well packed boxes! A1 service from of the best in the hobby!

  20. Scolopendras

    Scolopendras Arachnopeon

    100% positive! I would say Ken is the warmest shop owner in entire US! He offered me a great deal that no other shop owner would offer! Lightening speed shipping and spider was packed flawlessly. Totally satisfied! I highly recommend him.
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