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KenTheBugGuy (www.KenTheBugGuy.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by davegrimm1, May 26, 2007.

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    Well i did a trade with Ken on a bunch of stuff and received my end and i will have o say the packing was GREAT! and everything is doing Wonderful!!
    thanks again
  2. jbm150

    jbm150 Arachnoprince

    As always, Ken rocks the house. Picked up a couple of rare and beautiful Ts from him and had a great experience. As always, thank you so much for all you do Ken!
  3. wierdscaryguy86

    wierdscaryguy86 Arachnopeon

    Ken is who I have gone thru for every spider I own(11) and he is awesome. The slings have all been healthy and active, and the shipping is very secure and quick.
  4. Mimblex

    Mimblex Arachnopeon

    Super positive! I ordered my first T from Ken, a 1.25" Eupalaestrus campestratus sling. It was also my first time ordering anything live through the mail, so I was a bit concerned when the tracking info said it went from Arizona to Indiana... On its way to my place in Washington state. But I guess stopping on the other side of the continent is just (somehow) the most direct air route, and the package arrived right on time! Packaging was amazing, too - ultra-padded, and I was amazed he managed to tuck the sling into such a cozy little spot in the plastic container, surrounded by tissue. Looked like it hadn't been jostled at all the entire trip, and she was entirely calm upon leaving the container, just idly waltzed right out into her living container. She's already a testament to the calmness of the species.

    Anyway, A+ transaction! Thanks so much, Ken!
  5. charlesbrooks

    charlesbrooks Arachnopeon

    The best.....

    I not use to writing reviews. Hell, I never wrote one before. I figured it was never worth my time. I had to make an exception for this guy. I just made a trade with Kenthebugguy this week. Everything went very smoothly. All 100% of my e-mails was answered thoughout our transactions. I believe he is model how all business transactions should handled. Courtesy, honest, fast service, good prices, and someone whom leave no question unanswered. What more could you want.....I can not wait to do business with him again. If only just for the service alone.
  6. syndicate

    syndicate Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Just got a box full of awesome spiders from Ken today!As always everything arrived in excellent shape and box shipped right on time!
    Thanks a lot man!
  7. Got my Brachypelma Bohemei, "Rhapsody"! Lovely T. Thank You Ken!!!!!! Super Positive!!!!! Over and over again!
  8. Anonymity82

    Anonymity82 Arachnoprince



    My little baby scorpion got here exactly when he said it would and it's very healthy and active. Great packing job. And the third most important thing I look for when ordering arachnids online is GREAT COMMUNICATION.

    Thanks Ken. I will surely do business with you again!
  9. Akai

    Akai Arachnobaron


    I received two tarantulas recently and I am very happy with my purchase. Ken sent them to the nearest FedEx drop station for me to pick up since the temps in my area are too hot so they arrived safely. You can expect excellent packaging from Ken and he is quick to answer your emails.

    Thanks Ken. I'll be working with you again soon.
  10. Positive!

    I just got:

    p fasciata

    b smithi

    I am very pleased with Ken and his communication. Ts arrived alive and well.
  11. Legion09

    Legion09 Arachnoknight

    A while in waiting I suppose, but I should leave a review.

    His shop is in my city, so I have stopped by there quite a few times and now own 8 T's thanks to him. All of them beautiful, lively and thriving. The man himself, his wife and employees are all great people and I recommend his service for anyone!
  12. freedumbdclxvi

    freedumbdclxvi Arachnoprince

    Placed my first order with him the other day, and the T arrived in perfect health and even larger than I expected. I will definitely be ordering from him again.
  13. nick22

    nick22 Arachnopeon

    Just recieved my ABGs from ken. Nice quality great hassel free service. Will buy from him again.
  14. CEC

    CEC Arachnoangel Arachnosupporter

    Quick and easy, Great packaging and healthy Ts! Thanks again Ken!
  15. Positive!!

    I had received my package today. Communication was great. Packing was awesome!
    I will be sure to buy from Ken again anytime.
    Thanks again.
  16. Just got my MASTIGOPROCTUS GIGANTEUS today.
    Getting ready to house it now.
    Looks healthy and active and seemed to be packaged very securely.
    The heat pack is still warm.
    Thanks Ken.
    This is most likely not my last Giant Vinegaroon.
  17. gromgrom

    gromgrom Arachnoprince


    forgot to leave this. this deal happened in late october.

    up until i sent out my end of the trade, everything was great. during the trade, i never got a tracking #, any email or communication, nor any indication ken or anyone recieved my package except for that someone signed for it, and finally, no indication anything of mine made it, despite what i thought to be good packing.

    he however, held up his end of the trade well, despite my counting inaccuracies. He included a P. chordatus instead of a lugardi, but since chordatus are cooler, and it was larger than expected, all was fine.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2012
  18. KenTheBugGuy

    KenTheBugGuy Arachnodemon

    Are you sure emails did not make it to junk mail as I almost always email they made it and yours is shipping out and Fedex emails you automatic I dont even have to do anything so there is no way for that email not to go out. Just thought you might check but I do apologize if you felt the communication was lacking.
  19. gromgrom

    gromgrom Arachnoprince

    I didn't receive anything from you or FedEx, it really rubbed me the wrong way. I just checked my junk folder, inbox, deleted items, and other folders and nothing.

    Thank you for responding and clearing that up, but can you please send me another email to confirm I can get email from you? Thanks!
  20. KenTheBugGuy

    KenTheBugGuy Arachnodemon

    After further investigation gromgrom was correct I did not send out the "got them alive" email as I see it saved in my drafts folder but was never sent. It was a mistake on my part and I do apologize gromgrom. The fedex tracking email sent though so not sure what happened there but I hope you accept my apology as I try to always communicate things when I can and was a mistake on my part.
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