Keeping Uloborus plumipes?


Jul 16, 2016
Nearly forgot to share this - I bought an orchid half a year ago, with a little spider living in it (They ain't known as garden centre spiders for nothing). It spent most of its time chilling in its nice little web on the orchid, moving and redoing its web sometimes. Now a few weeks ago it moved up to the curtain holder thingy, and then to the side of my bed where I nearly sucked it into the vacuum cleaner :anxious: Luckily I noticed it, and then put it into a jar with a piece of bandage for air on top.
I am forced to keep it in the jar, for its own safety if it's moving around like that, and outside it's just too cold to release it. It's so tiny that I can't put it into my critter keeper because it would just escape through the air holes, and I'm unsure what to feed it since it is so small. Any ideas? How can I make it more comfortable for my little spiderbro?