Juvenile C. fimbriatus enclosure

Red Eunice

Mar 2, 2014
Looks to be a good setup for a juvenile, just add the water dish. :writer:
Chilobrachys sp. can be frustrating when it comes to housing requirements. Dependent on how each one prefers to live. Some will be notorious burrowers and others want a terrestrial lifestyle. I had a C. huahini that choose a near arboreal lifestyle. Webbed her enclosure from top to bottom, an 8X8X16 arboreal setup.
I house them (Chilobrachys) as slings with lots of topsoil for burrowing. Watching how they acclimate, then as juveniles, rehouse them in enclosures suitable to their preferred lifestyle, not how I dictate. IME, a content T is a less defensive T, except when rehousing of course. ;)