Just got my first dubia colony!


Aug 6, 2016
Well as the title says I recently picked up my very first healthy colony of Blaptica Dubia Roaches! I'm hoping to never have to buy feeders from a pet store/shop ever again and hopefully help my local keepers feed their collection! I'll add a few pictures and take any advise from y'all! I'm sure you all know more than me on how to keep them thriving, but I did do my best to research and set them up as best as I currently know how to!

I use the red Tupperware too for dry foods such as bran, cereals, and dried breads, as well as fresh fruit that stays in for less that 24 hours.

The smaller Tupperware has a hole through the top with towels pulled through it so that they can get the water they need, I'm using this method because I'm not trying to buy water crystals either, and it seems to work fantastically as long as I use Super clean water... i.e. Reverse osmosis or alkaline water. This reduces moldy water.

The pink net looking thing is for their daily food which will consist of fresh leaf veggies like carrots or romaine lettuce

Thanks y'all! IMG_5350.JPG IMG_5352.JPG IMG_5358.JPG IMG_5365.JPG IMG_5366.JPG IMG_5364.JPG


Jan 1, 2017
Looks good! As long the temperature is high enough they are very undemanding and should reproduce. I'm always careful with feeding lettuce, where I live it's often treated with pesticides. Also, my roaches love cat and fish food which is a great source of protein.

Not having to rely on shops to buy feeder insects sure is convenient, when I started breeding my own it made life much easier. :)

Good luck with your colony!


Staff member
Feb 22, 2013
Make sure you feed citrus as well, especially oranges! Something about citrus makes them breed like mad. Good luck :)