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Just caught a Fat Black Widow

Discussion in 'Other Spiders & Arachnids' started by Pacmaster, Mar 24, 2009.

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    Found this girl today under a piece of wood.
    Shes got the fattest abdomen I ever seen.
    When I found her, it looked as though she had just molted either yesterday or last night.
    There were also 3 BIG, empty egg sacs around her.
    She is very weak, from the suspected molting, but has enough energy to not sit still for a decent pic.
    Im gonna go set her up in a cube, and let her settle in.
    I should be able to get some decent pics in a day or 2.


    Would it be a bad idea to keep this spider on the same shelf in close proximity to my prized avics?
  2. LeilaNami

    LeilaNami Arachnoking Old Timer

    If she's wild caught, I'd at least keep her across the room to at least stall any transfer of parasites.
  3. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachno WIDOW Old Timer

    put it wherever, it's fine ;) good lookin gal you got there. i know they can be extremely active at cold temps, but what makes you think she just molted? and if there were empty sacs around (probably left over from awhile ago) fatten her up, warm her up, and she might pop out some more for ya!

    def post some pics when you get her set up in her cube. plenty of water and food! :cool:
  4. What makes me think it just molted was that it was about a mm away from a shed, and very weak.
    I havent even looked at the thing since I took those pics.
    Ill go check it when I go in there later.
    She is huge.
    There were 3 big empty sacs within inches of her.

    Do they throw multiple sacs?
    Lets say she does make another sack, how does one contain the slings as I assume they are micro?
  5. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachno WIDOW Old Timer

    yes, like even 20 sacs :eek: the slings are tiny, but not micro. shouldn't be too bad.
  6. brandi71183

    brandi71183 Arachnosquire

    I have had one that size lay 5 sacs at one time. They are tiny, but very interesting to watch them grow. Just watch for any small holes in what ever you keep the slings in. Feed them well or they will canabolize. She is very pretty! I miss having mine.
  7. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachno WIDOW Old Timer

    there's some pretty good info about rearing slings here on the boards, but i keep mine in a decent sized jar and let the slings (with my hesperus, not my bishopi ;)) cannibalize down to a manageable number. weeds out the weakest and saves a TON of work for me, especially when i have about 2,000 of the little buggers at once.
  8. 5 sacks in a row?!?!?!
    Thats amazing.

    How long in between each sack?
    She looks really fat, fatter than any I seen.

    Would she molt in between sacks, or after she is done?

    you keep them in non-ventialted containers?
    When you say small holes, are we talking pin-size or what?
  9. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachno WIDOW Old Timer

    Q1- depends. could be a few days, could be months.
    Q2- no, she would not molt between sacs.
    Q3- well, sorta. ventilation is important. i tend to do that and air it out twice a day to give good circulation of air. others use fine mesh coverings.
    Q4- like, if you were to poke a needle through a piece of paper. about that size (maybe a little bigger) is about right for holes.
  10. K, so just in case Ill do my vent holes with a hot sewing pin.

    Im curious about the molting part tho.
    I know that I saw what I saw . . .

    She is looking rather strong tonite, and starting to spin a few threads in her mayo jar.
    Ill have to get moving on her cube.
    These things live a long time?
    I know they got really small mouths, would baby lobsters be ok to offer her?
    If she can only eat fruitflies or pinheads, she can take a hike back outside . . .
  11. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachno WIDOW Old Timer

    up to 3-4 yrs. if kept right. full adults will only live another yr or 2 for you though.

    ha, they'll eat anything they can catch in their web. i use adult crix/small dubias/hoppers/flies/moths/anything (i stress anything) else i can find. they are not picky and will eat anything. even saw one chowin down on a pinky mouse one time...
  12. Nice, sound fairly simple.
    Anyways, they are all over here in the summatime.
    Ive never really tried to keep one before, just moved them away from the house.
    I think it would be fun to watch . . .

    So you think that putting wc spiders on the same shelf as my Ts shouldnt be a problem?
    I seen a couple large garden-type spiders at my work as well . . .

    Its funny, I was always into herps, but never into spiders and Ts, but now that I broke down and tried them, Im hopelessly addicted.
    Every spider I see I want to put in a cube.
    I even let the daddy-long-legs go nutso in the corners now . . .
    But I would never want to jeopardize my prized avic collection for some vagrant street spider.
  13. brandi71183

    brandi71183 Arachnosquire

    Mine laid all her sacs in one night. She did not have time to molt between. If they are like T's and they molt, they would lose any eggs they had left. Plus she liked to guard her sacs. I would do as someone said above and use the smallest needle or pin possible and poke very small holes.

    It was also very cool to watch her make her sacs. I never had one eat a sac. She did rotate it often and take breaks for food.
  14. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachno WIDOW Old Timer

    yes, it will be fine on the same shelf. yes. widows are very interesting trues, what got me hooked. and they are not "vagrant street spiders." ;) haha

    5 sacs all at one time, in one night? hmmm, i dont' know... :?

    and they don't eat their sacs. and they don't rotate their sacs either- the only time you might see some rotation is in the initial creation of the sac, covering it with web.

    also, take the sac away from the mother after a few weeks (they aren't really defensive/possessive of the sac, they would much rather flee. in other words, they don't really guard all that much like T's do) and put it in another container. will be a whole lot easier that way.
  15. Irks

    Irks Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. When removing a sack, I've had a widow bite the stick so hard it shook noticeably in my hand. And I've had others just run for their life at the first sign of a large intrusion into their web. Either way, unless you're using your fingers, it shouldn't be a problem. Much easier to remove and deal with than have them hatch with mama.
  16. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachno WIDOW Old Timer

    rarely yes, most of the time, no ;) but either way, good point about the fingers- i wouldn't try it b/c you wouldn't know what mood she's gonna be in! and i can just imagine the headache of leaving 300 slings with momma :wall:
  17. Thanks for the info, she is doing well and no egg sacs yet!

    I gotta get her a cube made up, this weekend Ill do it.
    I see them in all kndsa locations, do they like room or cramped quarters better?
  18. jsloan

    jsloan Arachnoangel Old Timer

    You can keep it in a small container (pickle jar, for example) but if you put it in something larger, like a 10 or 20 gallon terrarium, the spider will eventually build a broad, impressive web. In the wild some Latrodectus webs can reach up to several feet in diameter.

    Remember, you don't have a tiny little spider there. :)
  19. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachno WIDOW Old Timer

    case in point, when i was in utah this past summer, i was observing widow webs that were well over 4-5 feet. i would not have believed it unless i saw it. now granted, these were the supporting threads and the widow didn't really hang out on these parts, but they were still very much part of the web. but also, they survive/thrive in deli cups too.

    give it a bigger enclosure so you can watch all the cool stuff ;)
  20. Ill take that into consideration, Im gonna go look for suitable containers tomorow.
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