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Jungle Pet - Kamloops Bc, Canada


Old Timer
Sep 1, 2002

This petstore has quickly become my favorite in town. Mo the owner is a reptile expert so his knowledge on tarantulas isn't as extensive as it could be but I know enough so it is great. He has great salesman skills and babies all of the pets in his shop. And he has HUNDREDS of exotics. He sells his spiders for a lot but once he gets to know you he gives good deals. He sells me any spider i want in his shop for 25 dollars now. It is amazing and he has good prices on everything else. Especially crickets at 5 cents each. He has been open for two months and already I have bought tons of spiders from him and he can order in anything within the day.



I also give this place a good review. I just recently moved to Kamloops and have since purchased three inverts from Moe. He is a nice guy and he knows his stuff when it comes to exotics. I just wish the store was in a better neighborhood.