Jumping spider won't build Web around enclosure


Feb 1, 2017
I caught (small) tan jumping spider by running my pocket knife down a crevice with jumping spider nests (I think) and put her into I admit a WAY to big enclosure with dirt, 3 large rocks, a pile of leaves, and two sticks leaning on echother and have kept her in this for about a week. At first she climbed up the side of the container and checked it out (she did this about two times) then she fell off the side of the enclosure and never climbed up the side again although I've noticed her sometimes looking like she's trying to climb. She refuses to eat (although it might be her internal clock because most of the times I've triedto feed her it was night) and I've noticed jumping spiders create a web around its enclosure usually on the top or bottom and she won't do it. I handle her daily and I keep her in a large plastic container from home deepo. Please help. Thank you in advance.
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