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Jumping spider (P. Audax, 6 mo) won't eat and is just sitting

Discussion in 'Other Spiders & Arachnids' started by deadmothh, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. deadmothh

    deadmothh Arachnopeon

    Hey! I'm new :)
    New jumping spider owner, got her from a local exotic pets store. My spider's about 6 months old according to the store and they've been feeding them crickets. Not positive on the sex, but I'm gonna refer to her as "she".

    Got her on friday, and she had a very small cricket in her lil deli cup, so I gave it to her in her new enclosure. Didn't find it again, thought she ate it. Attempted to give her another cricket yesterday afternoon, and she jumped at it and caught it and just sorta held it for a long time. Left to do something, came back, cricket gone. Little weird, right?

    Saw something poking out of the moss; it was the cricket. Still alive, barely, and very uneaten. underneath that cricket, in the same hole, was the first cricket, very very dead, and decomposing slightly, but also uneaten.

    Swapped out the moss because apparently it's a good cricket home. Spider just kinda crawled down the side of her enclosure and sat on the new paper towel. Figured she was just checking it out, went to bed.

    This morning, she's still on the ground. No hammock, just chillin. She looks at me and walks in a little circle, I figure she's fine and head to class. I come back at 2; she's in the same spot. Just sorta, moving in circles. Head back out to a different class, come back at 6; she's..... still there.

    So I guess this is two questions: one, what is up, and two, can I help? How do I get her to eat? What's going on?
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