(Jumping Spider) Found one on my windshield


Jan 28, 2020
I recently discovered these little guys. I have seen then all my life, but sadly I ended up killing most of the ones I saw. Now that i knew more about them I was interested in capturing one and taking care of it. And obviously not kill them anymore!

Found him sun bathing on my windshield one morning. Noticed it looking at me and quickly figured out a way to capture him. Got him in a gum container on the first try. 😆

Left him in there for most of the day because I had to run some errands. That afternoon I stopped by petco to find some fruit flies for it to eat. Fortunately I found flightless fruit flies and rushed home. I emptied a deli cup, punctured some holes, cut some branches from the backyard and cleaned them, and cut up some chopsticks and created a sort of jungle gym for it to jump and catch these flies. I successfully placed some flies in the cup. And then it was time to transfer the spider. After succesfully doing that I enjoyed watching it calculate its movements and jump on these flies I put in.
It’s been 4 days and it eats everyday, multiple flies. He has a hiding spot in between a leaf, just roams around all day and sleeps at night.

Got some pictures last night.