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Jules 5 and 10 Pet store, Chicago IL


Old Timer
Sep 27, 2002

So today I walked down my street, and noticed a small hole in the wall pet shop situated in the back of a 5 and dime store. A sign on the window said 'feeder mice, 89 cents' so I thought I'd gander a look in there. To my surprise, he had about 20 Rose hairs, and few odd mislabelled and poorly housed specimens. As well as a good deal of scorps, snakes, reptiles, etc. Now, the reason I give a positive review, is I talked to the pet shop manager, since he was rght there near the T's when I was looking at them, and explained to him that having sponges, sharp wood chips (These were literally splintered instead of cut, totally a mess) and whatnot was bad. He listened attentively, and admitted he had only recently gotten into selling them, and would I explain the right way to go about it. So I did, and he asked if I could stop by on tuesday, to see what I thought of the new setups. All of his other animals were very well kept, and the place appears to have become a local petting zoo for the more 'normal' variety of housepets.

I give him a positive for now, for the effort to change what's wrong. However, I'll edit this post when I see the results.