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JR's Invertebrates (www.jrsinverts.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Norm, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. shawno821

    shawno821 Arachno Pimp Arachnosupporter

    Just got an adult pair of GBB's.Excellent transaction,communication,and packaging.Would recommend him to anyone.Thanks for subfusca freebie!
  2. hairmetalspider

    hairmetalspider Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Received all 4 slings a live and healthy. Well packed. Genuine care given, which is rare these days.

    Thanks a bunch!
  3. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    Positive, without a doubt.

    Excellent communication from start to finish. Good prices and selection and I got the double freebie special to boot...and unlike many freebie offerings, I got a pair of P. cambridgei, a t I have wanted for some time. Received 8 total, all packaged beautifully and arrived healthy. I worried about them being bounced around in the fed ex truck all day, but the way they were packed, I was worrying about nothing. Seriously the best communication I have ever received in the hobby, I can't stress that enough. Thanks JR, probably won't be my last order from you.
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  4. AliciaG6987

    AliciaG6987 Arachnopeon

    I cannot say enough good things about JR! Communication was great. He was affected by the storms which caused shipping delays, and he even threw in an extra freebie for that! He offers 2 day shipping with LAG which is AWESOME!!!! I got six tarantulas and all arrived healthy and active and gorgeous! I would DEFINITELY recommend JR and hope to buy from soon again. Packaging was above and beyond. Has become one of my top choices for ordering after receiving this shipment. 3 pokies, and 3 P cambridgei. Thank you! :)
  5. MysticKigh

    MysticKigh Arachnoknight Old Timer

    JR's Invertebrates

    :biggrin: Just received my order from JR's Invertebrates (JR Thompson) out of Alabama. He doesn't have a website per say but does have an active FB page where he keeps an updated list of available species-sizes-prices. ( https://www.facebook.com/JRs.Invertebrates )
    I ordered a G Pulchra, C Cyaneopubescens, P Murinus, L Parahybana, and a G Pulchripes. Also included with my order were two freebie P Cambridgei (which I happen to really like) I'll definitely do business with him again. I couldn't be happier with the whole transaction process. He was great to talk to when getting my order ready. The packing was superb, all T's looked healthy and were active straight away after unpacking and I got TWO cool freebies. Can't wait for my next order!
  6. miserykills

    miserykills Arachnosquire


    This was my first time ordering tarantulas online and it couldn't have gone better! I bought a female B. smithi from him because it was the best price I could find and he threw in a P. cambridgei sling for free! He packed it very well. They both arrived on time and alive. He kept in contact with me even when I was texting him late at night. I'm very happy with the whole transaction. I would recommend him to anyone and I will buy from him again next time I want a new tarantula.
  7. abigayle2996

    abigayle2996 Arachnopeon

    Super positive review for JR's Invertebrates!
    I messaged him a few weeks ago to set up an order. I was interested in his female P formosa and female P rufilata. I also asked if I could switch out one freebie for another (because I'm obnoxious that way). JR was friendly about it the whole time and once I was settled on what Ts I wanted, I paid him. Besides me struggling with PayPal, the transaction went smoothly.
    When he went to check on the formosa girl, he found that she was molting so we held off shipping for another week and a half to give the girl time to harden. It was very obvious from the start that JR cared about his animals, and this proved it even more. I would much rather wait a bit longer for my tarantulas then have them shipped in those conditions.
    The next week came, and unfortunately, JR found the girl dead missing a bunch of legs after an unsuccessful molt. Both of us were heartbroken by that, but he told me I could have store credit for the same amount I paid for her. I went through his list and picked out three slings that added up to the price that I had paid for her, and he sent them out this past Monday along with the female rufilata.
    They arrived yesterday packed beautifully. He forgot the freebie but since it was just a freebie, I was more than okay with that. I think he was actually more upset about that than I was, and promised two when I ordered next.
    All in all, I would highly recommend JR. He has wonderful communication, he cares about his animals, and is all around a pleasure to do business with. Not to mention his prices are wonderful. When the time comes (unfortunately it might be a while, darn college starting soon!) I will definitely be ordering from him again!
  8. dredrickt

    dredrickt Arachnoknight

    Top notch packing job. He even held my order for a week at my request. Great prices, I'd definitely buy from JR again.


    I received my order from JR's expertly packaged. All slings were safe and sound. Communication was great and the p. smithi freebie is awesome. I will definitely be doing business with him again. First class operation. Thanks again, Ray
  10. pyro fiend

    pyro fiend Arachnoprince

    top notch as always

    3rd shipment in from JR. im not going to lie he is one of my favorite sellers. iv got about half my T's from him so far. and its hard to match his customer service.

    the specimen seems over estimated but other then that i love these guys. had a little misfortune with my first order JR kept in contact with me constantly letting me know updates because of the weather.. and worked with me the entire way. cant ask for a better dealer!

    packing is always amazing from jr. last 2 shipments seem to have been getting better and better!! id def recomend him twice over! cant wait to get more from JR! def a top 3 seller out of any animal transaction iv made, and iv made tonns...
  11. ALBO2

    ALBO2 Arachnopeon


    Just got 2 Avicularia metallica slings from JR. Excellent packaging and communication, and all of the slings (including the freebie OBT) arrived safely. The T's were all healthy and active, and have begun settling down in their new homes.

    I would definitely recommend JR to people looking to buy tarantulas. He has become one of my favorites!
  12. My package with a C. fimbriatus and P. murinus just arrived today from JR's and I can say I am VERY happy. Fantastic packing job, and you can tell he has the T's best interests at mind as he pushed back the shipping due to the C. fimbriatus molting a few days before the scheduled shipment. The price was great and I love my OBT freebie. A+, would recommend.
  13. Feriat

    Feriat Arachnopeon

    I don't normally order tarantulas online because I am lucky enough to live by a reputable tarantula breeder/dealer, but after looking and looking and having my breeder friend look and look for a Xenesthis sp. blue worth paying for, I was pointed in JR's direction. The tarantula was a lot larger than I had expected, which was a great surprise. It arrived healthy as ever and outstandingly gorgeous. To say the least, it was an amazing deal. I'm kind of sad that I was unaware that I could have chosen one T from a list of freebie T's to go with my order, but thats no ones fault. If/when I see another T on my wishlist that JR has for a great deal I will not hesitate to contact him again. I will be recommending him highly.
  14. bpmojo80

    bpmojo80 Arachnopeon

    Jr's inverts poor service

    we made a purchase of 4 flat rock scorps from Jr's inverts a couple of weeks ago. We asked if we could have it shipped the next day for an arrival date I had scheduled off work to receive, he said it would be fine, received paypal confirmation.

    soon after we received a call from them stating that they would be on vacation and unable to send until oct 1st. Not happy because I had already scheduled time off of work to take delivery, but not a biggie. I again scheduled time off for oct 2nd to take delivery.
    I have just stumbled across his FB post, after not receiving a shipping notification, stating that they are late coming back from vacation and it may be the following Monday before they could ship orders....

    I have taken 2 days off work to receive the order and now possibly a 3rd if the boss agrees Very frustrating. This is not the way i expect a pro to conduct business. I have not been able to contact anyone since and not sure i can take anymore time off to receive in the near future.

    I have read many good reviews for them and this is probably out of the norm, but based on my experience with them thus far, I will not recommend them. There are alot of better more reliable places to purchase inverts. Hopefully soon we can complete the transaction and all will end well.
  15. Our Terms of Service states our policy on shipping out orders on the dates and in the order we received them, which I will attach here. I also Notified all customers of our vacation and how it would delay shipments. I offered you a refund and an extra freebie if you still wanted the order, there's not much more I can do to try and satisfy you. I shipped yesterday and I will also ship again on Monday. I am sorry our trip delayed your shipment, but its the first time we have stopped shipping in over a year (outside of weather delays). Here is a copy of our TOS:

    FedEx shipping only
    $45 for overnight with 7 day LAG/Health guarantee
    $25 for two day air, LAG with temps above 50 and below 90 Degrees* Temperatures must be within this medium to be eligible for our guarantee!
    We ship Monday-Wednesday.
    We have a daily limit of 10 boxes that we can ship. We have this limit in place to ensure every box gets the quality of packaging customers have come to expect from JR's Invertebrates.
    With the high volume of orders, It may take up to a week to process and ship them. Orders are shipped in the order we receive them.
    We reserve the right to hold shipments until temperatures/conditions are safe.
    Live arrival guarantee is on all of our express overnight shipments. LAG is only valid when temps are between 30-90°.
    Freebies are NOT covered by LAG.
    We are NOT responsible for carrier delays/accidents resulting in a DOA.
    The package MUST be signed for on the first attempt of delivery or it voids your LAG.
    In the event of a DOA we will refund the cost of the animal or replace the animal. Shipping is non refundable!
    We require clear picture evidence of the DOA cut in half within 2 hours of the package arrival.
    We do not refund orders unless a DOA has occurred.
    In some cases I may require the DOA to be sent back to me for a refund or replacement. Returns are shipped back at the buyers expense.
    We accept PayPal as or preferred method of payment.
    We also accept US Postal money orders, wire transfers and personal checks.
    All eChecks, checks and money orders have to clear before I can ship.
    Please make sure your correct address is on PayPal or it will void your LAG.
    It may take up to 24 hours or more to respond to emails, private messages/FB messages and text messages. In some cases message threads get buried by the volume of messages and emails incoming and accidently get overlooked. I encourage you to call me at 256-616-7589 if you need to place an order, have problems or errors with your order, or if you need assistance or advice. Its much faster this way and I will answer calls day or night . If I miss your call, I will call back as soon as I possibly can.
    Must be 18 or older to order*
    USA sales only*
    Our Email address: jrsinvertebrates@gmail.com
  16. bpmojo80

    bpmojo80 Arachnopeon

    I understand the circumstances. If you would have explained to me that the ship date would be oct 1st (or later as is the case) in our 1st conversation it would have been different. I was not informed of the 2nd change of ship date I found that info on your FB page. In order to receive the order I must now arrange ,for a 3rd time, some time off work. I have ordered reptiles, and inverts several times over the internet and this is the 1st time I have had the ship date changes twice.... That being said you did make an effort to make it right and I do appreciate it. Perhaps my original post was a bit harsh, but it is difficult, and slightly embarrassing to arrange time off of work for 3 days in as many weeks to take delivery. I do appreciate you offering the freebies and I accept, upon a satisfactory conclusion I will update this post positively. I do apologize if my previous post was a little harsh, it was not my intention to damage you rep, but to convey my frustration.


    ---------- Post added 10-02-2014 at 03:54 PM ----------


  17. ErkW

    ErkW Tarantulas, Scorpions and other arachnids Arachnosupporter

    A+++ Great Trade, wonderful communication.

    A LARGE positive review for JR's Invertebrates. Took us HOURS to unpack all our new T's from a recent large trade. Everyone arrived safe and sound. Packaging was perfect, and communication was fantastic. Trade was very, very fair. A+++ Recommend completely.
  18. bpmojo80

    bpmojo80 Arachnopeon


    Just received the flat rocks from Jr's..... packing was great,price was fair, all are in good health and active, as well as the freebie obt's.. once the shipping was sorted out, i couldnt be happier.
  19. kellysaxez

    kellysaxez Arachnosquire

    Purchased my first set of P. imperator scorplings from this gentleman and I must say it was a very positive experience. Upon arrival, I noticed how exceptionally well they were packaged, how healthy and active they are, and how I received exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you JR, for your kindness. Well done
  20. Amimia

    Amimia Arachnosquire

    100% Positive!

    I ordered a P. Metallica that came with a B. Vagans freebie, both arrived in perfect condition. Shipped on the day we agreed on, arrived when they were supposed to, also communication was great! Couldn't be happier with my purchase
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