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JR's Invertebrates (www.jrsinverts.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Norm, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Norm

    Norm Arachnosquire

    I contacted JR last week. Had an opportunity to speak with him over the phone. He was really cool with me and we were able to work out a trade. Completed that trade today. A++ packing!!! He kept excellent communication the entire time and shipped when he said he would. I've already setup another transaction with him. I WILL be recommending him to people. Thank you JR! :D
  2. Pat ChoKo

    Pat ChoKo Arachnopeon

    I purchased an A. hentzi female from JR this week. Best packing I have ever seen! Plus, he tossed in a free P. striata sling. Very, very, nice guy to deal with. I am very pleased. Everyone showed up alive and healthy. Will definitely do business with him again in the near future.
  3. bigrog

    bigrog Arachnopeon

    Received my 2nd shipment from JR's invertebrates. 10 t's total and the all arrived alive and very healthy! JR's packaging is second to none most of them I had to let them crawl out on there own! Yeah its that good! And I have already placed my 3rd order with him. I highly recommend JR's invertebrates to any one! hanks again JR!
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  4. pannaking22

    pannaking22 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Very impressed with the sling I got! Very healthy and active! And that packing...all I can say is wow. Extremely happy with my purchase and I'll definitely be on the lookout for more arachnids from him!
  5. 100% positive! I received my order from JR's Invertebrates yesterday. The specimen were properly sexed and just what I had expected. I even got a freebie that decided to take a stroll through my shirt! This has been a rather long deal with JR, not on his side but mine and he was very patient and helpful. I appreciate sellers such as him as they give newbs like myself great information and an education along the way! Again, thank you for my new additions!
  6. 100% positive!!! got my euathlus sp. yellow from jr. today, shipped when he said it would, packing was 100%, and the sling is magnificent. I would recommend him to anybody reading this.
  7. Positive

    Jr and I made a trade recently, everything went really smooth. He even hooked me up with an expensive freebie!!! Great packing, great communication and has some great info on a lot of things. Im very very happy about making this transaction with him and I look forward to dealing with him in the future. Also I would recommend him to everyone!!! Thanks again jr.
  8. Received my end of a trade with JR today. As usual, excellent specimen and packaging. I really appreciated the warning on the vials! It actually helped me unpack and rehouse one specimen in a way that provided more safety to me and the T. Everything went smooth and as usual, he ensured that I was satisfied with my new additions! Thanks JR!
  9. Just got nice order from jr an A+ across the board. Every message i sent him he replied quicky an cares for the animals an not the payday. I for sure will be doing more transactions with him in the future
  10. JR's Invertebrates

    I recently purchased 6 T's from JR's Invertebrates. I got a T. gigas, P. irminia (x2), GBB, L. parahybana, and a curly hair for a very fair price. 60$ or so. Shipping was $50 which may be on the high side but it was definitely quality packaging and everything arrived packed VERY securely with a heat pack. All the spiders have been healthy and eating well already.

    And I say I bought 6, but the 2nd P. irminia was actually a free one that he threw in. He has only a facebook as far as I know but his prices are awesome and he's easy to communicate with via phone/facebook. Definitely will buy from again if I find room for more T's.
  11. A+

    I Contacted JR last week to order a F GBB, F pumpkin, and two other T's. We kept in contact for a week till the weather got better. The package arrive on Tuesday, opened it up and it was nice and warm, A+ on that btw. All T's arrive live and well. Will definitely order from him again.
  12. Valvool

    Valvool Arachnopeon


    Purchased two females. Beautiful, healthy specimens. Packaging thorough. JR included a nice healthy freebie as well. Will be placing another order with JR as I know I can trust him.
  13. Eddie Brock

    Eddie Brock Arachnopeon

    I purchased 3 T's from JR,all arrived alive and well.Great packing,great prices.I would def. do business with him again A++
  14. LordWaffle

    LordWaffle Arachnobaron


    Ordered a CB T stirmi from JR awhile back and while we werewaiting for the weather to break to safely ship the stirmi and freebie P irminia, communication was always quick and clear. The Ts arrived packed perfectly. They were in such good health and spirit that in true Psalmopoeus fashion, the irminia jumped out of its shipping vial when I opened it to check on ots conditions. Would absolutely order again and recommend to anyone.
  15. buckey

    buckey Arachnopeon

    Jr's Invertebrates

    Over the weekend while visiting Huntsville I had the pleasure of meeting Jr and his crew. He invited my girlfriend and I to come and see his T room. What an awesome set up this dude has. It was very clean and well organized. Their love for the Tarantula really showed. I left there learning all kinds of thing about Tarantulas I never knew.To say the least he is very knowledgeable about Tarantulas. He even let me watch a breeding. The neatest thing of all was being able to see slings and then seeing them as adults. The Tarantulas I purchased(I left there with 5 for myself and 3 for other people) were very healthy and lively. Even after a 230 mile ride home they didn't hesitate to eat. This wasn't my first purchase from Jr. The last time I was in Huntsville, he drove 40 mins to meet me with my order.
    Jr's Invertebrates is an awesome business to buy Tarantulas from. I personally wouldn't go anywhere else!
  16. pyro fiend

    pyro fiend Arachnoprince

    iv been exchanging messages with JR for probably 2 weeks now while we waited on the weather. this is my first purchase of a invert and JR has made me want to come back for more. and i havnt had my order but a few days! shipping is a little higher then most iv seen. i pay this for reptiles and it dont bug me. but these T's where packed better then half the snakes iv bought..and great service all around.

    ill be back for more once i get a little experience under my belt. you can bet on that! now if only he sold scorps hed be my one stop shop!
  17. My second time ordering from JR. A+ once again. T's came in lively. All T's ate within 30mins of arrival. I will definitely order from JR again.
  18. Erictheviking

    Erictheviking Arachnopeon

    JR's Invertebrates great guy

    Just got four tarantulas from JR's and it was a great experience from start to finish. My call and order were taken immediately and he helped me figure out the best day to ship with the cold weather. He stayed in contact the whole time and sent me updates along the way. The packing of the box was top notch and all of the slings were in perfect health and exactly as described. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer!
  19. 100% positive

    100% positive review for JR's Invertebrates Ts came well packed had great communication through out.Good people to deal,with prices good from both sides with no ridiculous haggling.
  20. I received a MM from JR yesterday, and everything was great! Easy transaction from start to finish, and the male was exactly as promised. Thanks! ~Jen :)
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