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Jose (exoskeletoninverts.net)


Jan 24, 2015

I purchased Jose's breeding pair of Pamphobeteus ultramarinus. I actually saw the ad for them on FB, posted on Jose's behalf by his friend Travis (Yentlequible), and I dealt mainly with Travis during the transaction due to Jose's work schedule -- but I did also want to leave a review for Jose since they were his spiders.

Communication was excellent - I spoke with Jose on the phone a couple times and also exchanged several text messages. He gladly answered any questions I had about them, and was also pleasant to chit-chat with!

He cares very much about the health and well-being of his spiders; both were in excellent condition! Absolutely beautiful Ts.

Jose couldn't have chosen a better person (Travis) to handle the packing/shipping for him - Travis used Jose's method of packing the Ts, and they were perfectly cushioned and secure in their containers, and a total breeze to unpack!

I would not hesitate to purchase from Jose again. Excellent communication, great person, great spiders! Would recommend!

Le Wasp

Old Timer
Oct 25, 2007

I just received a trade from Jose and the whole experience was positive. Great communication, quick shipping, and everything was expertly packed. Beautiful tarantula, thank you!


Oct 26, 2013
Just received a trade from Jose... Always a pleasure to deal with him. He goes the full distance to make sure that the T's are received safe and sound. His shipping is one of the best in the hobby, and he really cares about the safety of the animals.