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JJ's- West Virginia


Oct 22, 2010
Normally I tend to special order every animal i get from here as I am not always pleased with service. However for the purchase of my A. avicularia i did not do that, and to my surprise was indeed pleased.


Very helpful owner, lots of supplies for inverts as well as reptiles, option to special order anything you want, clean enclosures, very pretty Ts.

When I purchased the A. avicularia i made sure I got home as quickly as possible ( i don't like keeping animals in limbo for too long) and once I did i needed to see its temperament. It was very calm, not stressed and smoothly walked onto my hand. I placed it into its new setup and was pleased to see it "Make itself at home". This morning I checked on it and it made good use of all the little dens, trees, and cozy places I made for it.

I am very pleased and surprised that this came from an average pet store.

I can't say i will do it for all my animals, but maybe only when I need good priced supplies ;)