Jeff The A. Versicolor Update


Oct 27, 2016
I read the post's in my last thread, and I agree I should have learned more before getting a second T, but all the information I found on here helped immensely and I have been following everyone's advice. The B. Vagans is doing great, and is really smart. He built his own elaborate burrow in the substrate in his cage out of nothing on his own, and he readily eats any crickets I put in his cage. As for the update on Jeff, he molted. :) It was something to behold for the first time, and he is gigantic now compared to his size before. He still has the blue coloring, but he is gorgeous, and he got up to the glass showing off his new fangs and legs moving them. The only thing I feel bad about though is I tried to remove the molt to inspect it out of curiosity, and being the first time by accident I destroyed his web. He's already started rebuilding though, and at least I get to see him in action.