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Jeff Musial <nickcityreptiles@aol.com>




:( Just wanted to say that this person took me for a ride.. He got his money 2 weeks ago and said he would ship when he felt like it and then never replied to my e-mails asking what was the deal. Still no replies. I know this person deals in frogs and such but just incase you wanted to purchase something, please be careful with this rip off dude...I lost more than I should have and that was trust and respect...and my money... :(


How in the world do people expect to do biz when ya get the run around from people like this guy. He e-mailed me and told me that he was too busy and would not be able to ship out my stuff for another week or so and thats all he said after all this time with my money. How hard is it for someone to take a few min. to a half hour to ship your stuff out.

He is using the e-mail address:

nickcityreptiles@aol.com and his name is Jeff Musial.

Please , please be careful when dealing on line with this guy...


P.S. I will let you all know in the future if this man ever sends me my order.. ;)

Update 1:
OKAY, another week and another excuse and still no frogs! Now he says cant send nothing on a weekend it will die in the box and to boot he keeps saying the same words over and over (relax i will get them out sooner or later.) No one said anything about sending on the weekend...

Update 2:
Another day and another excuse. Will this ever end. Now going on week 4 and same excuses: I'm busy, I'ts not the right time, Sorry next week. A month later and he still has not sent anything

Update 3:
Well, well, I got 2 frogs in the mail and they were not what i paid for!!!!

I will never buy from him again.