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Old Timer
Sep 22, 2008
Just completed the first end of a trade with Jeremiah (aka Jebbewocky) and i am very pleased. As i will be the first to post a review for him i will definitely make it a good one! He didn't have a thread to go on as far as the arachnoboards reviews go so i asked him to send me his end first, which he was totally cool with doing. I received my end of the trade (a decent amount of Blatta lateralis) in perfect condition, well packed and healthy looking. He was looking to get rid of his lats and get some dubia, which works out perfectly for me as i have lots of dubia and a limited supply of lats. Because he felt that the amount of lats he was sending me was insufficient he also sent me a very good quality tube of caulk adhesive. little did he know this was a perfect addition because im working on making a live planted tank and having quality caulk will be of great value to me. I will absolutely do business with Jeremiah in the future and i would suggest you do too.


May 14, 2010
Received some Blaptica dubia from Jeremiah (Jebbewocky) this week. They are healthy and were packaged perfectly. The shipping was fast and the communication was outstanding. I highly recommend doing business with Jeremiah!