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Jamies Tarantulas - Sukai94 (www.jamiestarantulas.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Tarantulanursery, Mar 16, 2009.

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    As expected, Jamie pulls off another seamless transaction. Her communication is second to none, her packaging gets the job done with no problems, my slings are very active with a huge appetite, and she will absolutely be getting more business from me. I will actively tell people who are looking for new Ts to come to Jamie.

    300% positive.
  2. MrJohn

    MrJohn Arachnopeon

  3. Another positive...yes...another one. Just completed a 2 for 2 trade. Shipped mine out and got my half back quickly from Jamie. Love doing business with her!
  4. Received my 2nd A. versicolor sling from Jamie. Again, great packing, and what a deal she has on these versicolor slings! Another great transaction! Thanks!
  5. Shrike

    Shrike Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Another positive review for Jamie. Judging from the other posts in this thread, this is par for the course.

    I just received two Avicularia versicolor slings, 1 Avicularia Avicularia sling, and several cube enclosures from Jamie. My slings, along with the enclosures, arrived in perfect condition after crossing the country from CA to VA via priority mail. Why? Jamie did a superb packing job. Throughout the process, she was very quick to respond to email inquiries from me. Jamie really knows her stuff and obviously loves this hobby, but moreover, this transaction showed me that she cares about her customer's satisfaction as well. We'll be doing business again.
  6. Shrike

    Shrike Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Like I said, we did business again. Jamie just sent me another of her aroboreal enclosures and colony of D. heidi. Prompt service and a perfect packing job. Thanks again Jamie!
  7. Great transaction! Got my obt with enclosure yesterday, packed great! Can't wait for the new specials!!
  8. Fever

    Fever Arachnopeon


    Ordered four slings, a FFF culture, and some dubias. Everything arrived alive and moving :) Defiantly will do business again, especially with her so close to where I live.
  9. Positive!

    We completed a partial trade for some slings from Jamie. Everything was smooth, packaging was great, and Jamie is very quick about communication. Would definitely do business with again, positive all the way! Thanks again Jamie!
  10. ranchulas

    ranchulas Arachnobaron

    Just finished a trade with Jamie and I am very pleased! Jamie is a class act and I will do more trades with her in the future.Communication was fast as always. Packaging was top notch and her enclosures are very nice. Thanks again!!
  11. kaydyn1512

    kaydyn1512 Arachnobaron

    Nothing but perfect!!!!

    I should have written this last week. I received my part of our trade and of course, everything came in healthy and packed perfectly. In the end, Jamie had an obligation to a customer for one of the T's we had agreed to and she felt really bad she couldn't ship those to me. BUT to be honest, her integrity and need to be sure her customer came first was nothing but a positive in my eyes. Jamie ended up sending me something that made me very happy and way exceeded her obligation. I always hope to do business with her when I can and will always recommend her to anyone. Thank You Jamie!! ;-)
  12. awolfe

    awolfe Arachnosquire

    Great service from Sukai94(Jamie's tarantulas)

    Thank you Jamie for 2 very healthy spiderlings. My Pterinochilus murinus and Lasiodora parahybana came this afternoon and are very healthy and were packaged excellent. Jamie doesn't miss a thing. My package came all the way from california to ohio and not one fruit fly was dead. Awesome. Awesome. Thank you. We will do business again. Awolfe
  13. ranchulas

    ranchulas Arachnobaron

    Just got my other enclosure order. I love these aboreal enclosures she sells!! Great packaging and will be buying more soon. Awesome experiance again! A++++
  14. Jamie is fantastic! 1000% positive!!

    I ordered my A. Purpurea sling last Thursday as well as some fruit flies and an enclosure. It got here on Wednesday...a very hot day. I waited literally all day for my package and was tracking it. The post man was in my city at 9:30am. I got my package at nearly 6pm!! That day was almost 100 degrees outside. When my package was delivered I quickly went into the bathroom (where it was safe to unbox the T) and started unpacking it. The first thing I pulled out were the fried fruit flies. They were baked, dead. Each and every one of them. The second thing I pulled out was the enclosure. That was perfectly fine, of course. The last thing I pulled out was my sling. I carefully unpackaged it only to fine a lifeless Purpurea. I poked it a little just to see if it would move but it only moved a leg...or at least I thought it did. Everything was dead. It was NOT and I repeat NOT Jamie's fault in any way, shape, or form. It was the postal service and their lack of effort to deliver mail when it should get here. I know they have cut jobs in the field but sheesh... The heat and the extremely slow postal service killed my purpurea and fruit flies. I would never blame Jamie or myself for it.

    I contacted Jamie and she refunded me for the items lost. She also gave me a versicolor sling and some more fruit flies as well as a couple dubias. I picked those up yesterday. I figure, if she is close enough to drive I'm not going to risk another fatality. The only reason I got it shipped was to save on gas but I guess I should have drove there huh? She also said I can have another purpurea when/if hers has more slings. Jamie is a wonderful person and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again. My sling is healthy as can be and I love it!

    Thank you Jamie for everything!!
  15. angrychair

    angrychair Arachnosquire

    Jamie mailed me a OBT sling and a deli cup for me to trade her my MM A. Avicularia. Smooth transaction, and live arrival. Look forward to buying from her in the future.
  16. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor

    Amazing girl to deal with!

    just completed a trade with Jamie...she packaged very very well, and all the T's arrived in perfect health...she has held extremely good communication throughout the whole trade, and shipped just when she said she would...it was a very pleasant trade, and i would be more than happy to deal with her alot more often....i highly recommend her to absolutely anyone wanting to deal with her..i am looking forward to much more business with Jamie in the future..and thanks again..
  17. Very easy to order from, got a great deal!!!!!
  18. Square

    Square Arachnopeon


    Awesome enclosures and awesome prices! Definitely Buying from again
  19. Just did a trade with jamie. Everything went smooth an T's arrived safe and healthy.
    Thanks again
  20. ImDeadly

    ImDeadly Arachnosquire


    I ordered a B. smithi, enclosure with all the pickins, and FFF colonies. All arrived at the same time and the spider is doing good aside from being scared of live feeders. :laugh: No complaints here. Fast and very responsive to noob questions. Will definitely buy again soon. I am always checking the site and many days something new has popped up for sale. Love it.
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