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Jamies Tarantulas - Sukai94 (www.jamiestarantulas.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Tarantulanursery, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. TCVulpes

    TCVulpes Arachnopeon


    Just got my second order from Jamie's yesterday. A 1/3" E. campestratus sling w/ enclosure and an order of pinhead B. lats for feeders. Same as with my first order, everything was packed exceptionally well and safe. Everything was very much alive and my mailed questiones had been answered to my satisfaction. I can not recommend Jamie's Tarantulas enough!
  2. purevl

    purevl Arachnopeon

    Got my third order from Jamie yesterday...B. vagans & C. ritae plus feeders & enclosures. As with the previous two orders the packaging was excellent, everybody arrived happy & healthy.
  3. Tomoran

    Tomoran Arachnoknight

    Another Awesome Order!

    Recently, I saw that Jamie's had some Phormictopus sp. purple slings in stock (a T that I had been looking for for months), I quickly snatched up three. Once again, their communication was FANTASTIC, with Jon getting right back to me on a query; they are refreshingly friendly and I love that they ask about previous purchases. My Ts were sent out promptly and, once again, the packing was top notch. All three were in great shape and ate the first day. Jamie's will continue to be my favorite place to shop for Ts. Another perfect transaction!
  4. Chubs

    Chubs Arachnopeon

    Just recently getting back into the hobby after a few years. I bought a B.smithi sling and a fruit fly culture from Jamie. Everything was packed nicely in a insulated box and arrived alive and well. Thank you Jamie.
  5. Absolutely perfect!

    I just received an a. Diversipes, b. vagans, and obt in the mail today. Everything was wrapped and packed perfectly in an insulated box. Not just that they are all beautiful specimens! I'm am more then pleased with my first online order of tarantulas. She is definetly getting a return customer!
  6. Akai

    Akai Arachnobaron

    100% Positive!

    I received my package from Jamie today and everything was perfect! I purchased a young B. Emelia female, OBT sling and 2 A. Hentzi slings. I also received a B. lateralis Mix Roaches 50 count with a nice little over count and these little guys are active. I threw in some mango slices in their new enclosure and these things are voracious! :eek: Never worked with these before so I'm excited to work with these. This is like my 5th transaction with Jamie and everything was professional and perfect. Thanks Jamie and you can expect my return business.

  7. Medusa

    Medusa Arachnoknight

    Got my order today from Jamie. (I like that 2-day shipping is reasonable and includes LAG.) I bought a female E. truculentus and E. sp. 'yellow' juvie. Both arrived in perfect condition.
  8. Fini

    Fini Arachnoknight Old Timer


    Picked up a B. smithi sling and a few enclosures. Everything was packed very well, including the T. Great to do business with.
  9. POSITIVE!!!!

    just picked up a chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (green bottle blue) and an enclosure from them. the spider was packed very well, arrived healthy, and has eaten. the cage was great, the shipping was cheap, yet still
    guaranteed. from 2 weeks before purchasing they were very prompt in answering any questions i had. very pleasant experience, would recommend them to anybody who asked. very very pleased.
  10. Akai

    Akai Arachnobaron

    I got a little female A. Geniculata yesterday. Everything was on point as usual. Gotta love the $15 dollar shipping too. Always a pleasure to do business with Jaime.
  11. shelpen

    shelpen Arachnosquire

    I have some trouble reaching Jamie -- emailed her twice with some questions regarding an order I'm about to make on jamiestarantulas at gmail.com

    Is there a better address to use? Hmm...
  12. Amimia

    Amimia Arachnosquire


    I ordered a L. Parahybana 1/2" sling from Jamie and received it the exact day it was supposed to come. Packing was excellent, the T was in great shape and is now my most active. Super happy with my purchase, I'll definitely order from them again
  13. BeeMan

    BeeMan Arachnopeon

    I ordered 6 slings and 6 juvi enclosures from Jamie and everything came alive and well packed. I'll definitely be ordering more from her in the future!
  14. Akai

    Akai Arachnobaron

    I ordered some B. lateralis pinheads and two arboreal sling enclosures. Everything was perfect as usual.

    Thanks Jamie.
  15. ALBO2

    ALBO2 Arachnopeon


    I ordered 3 Grammostola rosea RCF slings from Jamie, and even though one was DOA, I had a good experience with her and Jon. I'll try to keep the story short.

    The tracking number provided to me showed that my package went to a completely different address, I was very worried. In hopes of finding the package (maybe the tracking was incorrect?), I went to my apartment's office to ask if they could search for it. The management does not let residents search for their own packages, so we have to rely on a staff member to find them for us based on apartment # and name. Needless to say, the newest staff member was assigned the task, yet she could not find the package even though I begged her multiple times.

    Later, I went and emailed Jamie, and a few days later, she and Jon got back to me. Turns out there was a problem with PayPal issuing incorrect tracking numbers! Poor Jon and Jamie said they were manually tracking using the receipts from shipping labels, so they were bogged down on responses. They apologised many times, and they have been very polite and considerate - even offering me a replacement for the dead sling despite that the time limit for reporting DOAs had expired.

    All in all, I had a very good experience with Jamie's Tarantulas, and I would definitely order from them again.
  16. MagicalLobster

    MagicalLobster Arachnosquire


    I've been singing Jamie's praises for a while now as I think I've had about 4 transactions with her--3 orders online and a deal at a reptile show. Obviously, when I got a box from her this time I knew it would be well-packed and full of live, healthy tarantulas...

    ...but this has got to be the best transaction I've ever had with her. People talk about the "unboxing experience" in electronics a lot (with T's it's mostly about how well it's packed) and Jamie's is top notch. When I get a box from Jamie I'm always really excited to open it (also, I get to reuse her boxes--a huge plus).

    She went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that I was happy. One sling I ordered was a P. cancerides sling advertised at around 1/2." I guess that was an old ad because this girl was at least 1" and and Jamie wrote "F" on the outside. I guess Jamie either really wanted to make me happy or really needed males (Tee hee).

    Secondly, her and I planned a trade for one of my males a few months ago but as she was moving her business to another building it was difficult for her to be responsive. At some point someone else offered me a great deal for the male and I took it (hadn't heard from her in a while). To make up for it she included a free 1" Euathlus truculentus in my box. This is a spider she sells on her website for $30 and she gave it to me for free.

    To recap, I ordered:

    1/2" P. cancerides
    1/2" P. cambridgei
    1" H. spinifer

    and got

    1" P. cancerides (female)
    1/2" P. cambridgei
    1" H. spinifer
    1" E. truculentus

    All I'm saying is order from Jamie right now if you're thinking about it. She's a real professional and a great human being.

    Did I mention $15 shipping with LAG? Seriously, give her your money.
  17. jtipton

    jtipton Arachnopeon


    I recently made my first online order for T's. I decided to give Jamie a try and I couldn't be happier with the results. My little B. emilia and B. smithi arrived in great condition. They were packaged nicely and the heat pack was still warm even after 3 days in transit. Both of them ate the next day and are looking great. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to do business with Jamie again.
  18. Positive

    Received six slings from her recently - all in great condition and five of them were larger than advertised. Shipping was super easy and only $17 - can't beat that! :)
  19. dkane1205

    dkane1205 Arachnopeon

    POSITIVE A+++ seller

    This was my very first T purchase -- was completely amazed at the speed at which the order was processed, shipped & the exceptional packaging. My A. Versicolor sling arrived safe and sound as promised. Also picked up the enclosure kit which made it very nice , start you with substrate, cork bark , moss and some silk plants. Web site is top notch as well, and has tons of useful information for keepers.

    Would definitely recommend this seller to anyone and plan on doing more business with Jamie's in the future.
  20. Tomoran

    Tomoran Arachnoknight

    As always, PERFECT

    I've ordered from Jamie's over a dozen times, now, so I know that I can expect friendly service, inexpensive shipping, healthy animals, and excellent packing. This transaction was no different. I ordered three L. violaceopes slings, and although I had the package held to avoid shipping in a blizzard, they were delivered on a day where temps surprisingly hit 0 degrees (thanks Mr. Weatherman!). Fortunately, the Ts were packed so well that all arrived active and healthy. Jamie was even nice enough to include an awesome freebie. Anther perfect transaction...thanks Jamie and Jon!
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