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James Young/Jim Litz <greenbottleblue@yahoo.ca>


Old Timer
Sep 1, 2002
He goes by both of these names for some reason. He is a great dealer who sells tarantulas out of Vancouver. He sent me a juvenile Cyclosternum fasciatum, a Lasiodora cristatus spiderling and a Brachypelma emilia spiderling. His prices were excellent and his communication on the phone about the shipment and about the spiders was great. I am ordering all my spiders from him from now on.


Scarlet O' Hairy
Old Timer
Aug 20, 2002

So far so good, hes been very nice and replies quickly. His prices are good too. I agree w/Jacen. I am looking forward to picking up my newest pet in person. Just a slight correction though, his email is greenbottleblue@yahoo.com, not yahoo.ca. :)