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J & T Reptiles and Exotics AKA Snakecollector (John Anderson) (www.reptilesandexotic.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by paulatpetshop, May 21, 2009.

  1. nurunuru

    nurunuru Arachnopeon

    Damon diadema - Positive

    Ordered 3 baby Damon diadema, which arrived in perfect condition. Came very well packed with an ice pack included as the temperature was in the 90s. Shipping/packing only cost $12 for 2-day, which was nice.
  2. Exoskeleton Invertebrates

    Exoskeleton Invertebrates Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Last week I received my second package from John and Tracy, package was well packed. One of the spiders (bicoloratum) that I received had an injury from underneath so I email them and send a photo and I let them know that I was concern about the bicoloratum that I received. John and Tracy got back with me stating to ship back the bicoloratum to them and that they will refund me the amount of the bicoloratum and also for the shipping cost. They received the spider today and let me know that the bicoloratum made it safely and that they just issued my full refund. I'm very pleased with the whole transaction, they did what needed to be done for their customer. This is exactly how sellers should take care of their customers in this type of situation. I would not hesitate to do business with them again, good seller good customer service, I'm one 100 percent satisfied!

  3. Again Positive

    Positive as usual. Just received 4 more slings from J & T (That makes 11 from them for me) Everything was perfect. Packaging is great. Communication, payment, and shipping were all perfect. All arrived in excellent condition. It was very easy to get them out and into the new containers.
  4. Positive

    I bought a p Miranda male and 2 damon diademas from J & T, they even hooked me up with an a metallica freebie!! Everything was really active when I opened up their containers, I actually had to chase both whips on my bed lol. Great communication and packing as well. Im very happy with this transaction and would recommend them to everyone. Thanks again.
  5. Exoskeleton Invertebrates

    Exoskeleton Invertebrates Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Very pleased with John transaction! I contacted him about getting some more Acanthoscurria natalensis/fracta, he told me he only new of one person that had two of them in his collection. So John went out of his way for me to contact this other person (Dave) and see if he would sell them and sure enough Dave was up for selling the two Acanthoscurria natalensis/fracta. John had Dave and I contact each other thru email. Once when Dave and I were in contact Dave, John and I agree that John would ship the spiders to me since Dave was not experience in shipping. Also John went out of his way to pick the spiders up from Dave since they both live at least an hour apart from each other.
    John did not make a dime on this spiders he did it for me since he knew I wanted to work with this species. Once the spiders were picked up from Dave John text me and told me he had the two Acanthoscurria natalensis/fracta and that he would ship the next day. I did receive my order today but unfortunately one of the Acanthoscurria natalensis/fracta did not make it. I do not blame John at all I believe the abdomen burst while in transit since it was bleeding from underneath. This issue is getting resolve by the seller with no problems. This is a good example on how seller, first party and second party should do business.
    By John helping me getting another natalensis/fracta I now have this new immature male. Now I can hope for the future of this species for breeding purposes. John did a great job on his packaging method and would recommend him to anyone. John thank you for going the extra 100 miles for me deeply appreciated!

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2013
  6. pruw

    pruw Arachnopeon

    Picked up two large female Pokies and a small male.

    Communication was excellent.

    Packing was great and they are all live and well. Will definitely do business again with John.

  7. Heckapunchez

    Heckapunchez Arachnopeon

    Very good communication before, during, and AFTER arrival of my new tarantulas. Very nice and quick replies to my questions and fast shipping. The USPS actually failed to deliver my package on time once again and they offered to help file any complaints necessary to help me get my money back for shipping! Customers seem to be important to them and it has been noted. More business will conducted in the near future.
  8. Bought some adult emperor scorpions from john all came in healty and packaged nicely. Shipped when we both agreed on a date nice person to deal with good communication, would recommend to anybody to deal with john thanks
  9. pyro fiend

    pyro fiend Arachnoprince

    got in my h. spinifers in eairlier today. all great packing, and the freebie ofcourse was packed great as well. the momma scorp looked amazing. a little mad at me but stunning.. the babies healthy fat and active.. the b.albo much more active then any other iv seen. super happy with J&T quick response great packing and john has is quick to answer my questions. ill def be back for T's maybe some reptiles.:)

    P.S. give Tracy a big ol hug for me LOL
  10. mudfish47

    mudfish47 Arachnopeon

    Positive !!!

    I just received my part in a trade with John and Tracy (Snakecollector) Great packing all arrived alive & well. Highly recommend doing business with.
  11. Definitely positive.

    Communication was great. I traded a few slings for two subadult pamphos. His packaging was great and they both arrived perfectly healthy. I would definitely buy/sell/trade with him again. Definitely happy to have dealt with him.
  12. Just finished a trade with John. Great communications, great packaging and healthy slings that were bigger than I was expecting. I look forward to future dealings with him.
  13. travismyers

    travismyers Arachnopeon

    I just received my Ts from John and couldn't be happier. Everything arrived in great shape! He even threw in a freebie. Great communication and excellent packing! Cant wait to do more deals in the future!

  14. Mindibun

    Mindibun Arachnosquire


    I'd ordered a female B. boehmei that was in heavy pre-molt, so I paid for her and asked John to hold on to her until after the molt. She molted successfully, but it turned out that she was actually a HE. John was honest and upfront and told me the T had molt sexed as male. I needed a female so I asked if he would refund my money and he immediately did so. Really appreciate the honesty and prompt responses and the refund. John's a good guy and I highly recommend him. :)
  15. Bought a beautiful female Euathlus Sp. Red from John and Tracy. She was perfectly packed, arrived on time, and appears to be completely healthy and happy. Fantastic communication before and after. Would definitely buy from again!
  16. Austin S.

    Austin S. Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Just received my package today from John. Packing, communication, and knowledge was outstanding. I have to say the communication however, was more than good, A+++. The Holo sp "gold" and Augacephalus ezendami are a lot larger than I thought they would be as well.

    Very pleased with this transaction, they will be hearing from me in a few weeks for another order.
    I HIGHLY recommend them for your next purchase, trade, or whatever it may be.
    Thank you again.
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  17. Austin S.

    Austin S. Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Mod's, please remove.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2014
  18. AliciaG6987

    AliciaG6987 Arachnopeon

    Snakecollector - John Anderson

    1000000% POSITIVE

    I got a 3" Female P ornata from John. She is gorgeous!! And definitely bigger than expected. Healthy and beautiful. Also got an H mac freebie! Awesome!! Communication was top notch, packaging was great, and they arrived on time. Everything went SO smooth! Can't wait to do more business!!

    Thanks again!!!
  19. GunniesSpiders

    GunniesSpiders Arachnopeon Arachnosupporter

    POSITIVE!!! Recently purchased a Female H. Incei... Smooth Transaction! Packing was awesomet! T was in great shape and a real Beauty!!! Not to mention a nice Freebie!!!! Good guy to work with
    Thanks John!!!
  20. pyro fiend

    pyro fiend Arachnoprince


    just completed my 2nd transaction with John and Tracy, this time around i ordered T's. i love working with these two! John even went as far as to looked into his records on an adult female C.cyaneopubescens to see when she last molted for me! It makes me want to come back even more!! they are always quick to respond and willing to work around your schedule to ship! All my T's arrived happy and in good shape. and well packed as expected. i also love how he underestimates sizes as i feel as i get a much better deal then alot of sellers. i feel all my new additions where at least 1-2 molts larger then advertised. super happy. looking forward to working with them a third time :)
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