Its a great millipede day


Old Timer
Jul 22, 2004
its been a great day for millipedes
i have some millipedes that live at the zoo where i work, when i got to work today, i found some tiny baby millipedes - about 3mm long! i counted about 12, without disturbing the substrate.
where im sitting now, i can see lots of my different millipedes - AGBs, tanzanian red legs, african olive, african green (with stripey legs), and a little british flat millipede.
I can also see a little red millipede that my boyfriend brought back from St Lucia (when he was doing some field-work there. Havent seen that little pede in about 4 months!
Im so happy with my pedes
I have also converted a friend to millipedes. I introduced mine to her about a month ago, and she has just got her first pair of AGBs
Millipedes Rock!