It is possible to breed 2 different T's??


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Feb 4, 2006
I have an adult female of Acanthoscuria geniculata . She is such a beauty!
She has an semi-adult male of the same species, but he is 2 molting away from sexual maturity.
In an next enclosure is an adult curly-hair male . He is in this situatio quite some time now......half an year or so....Soon he will die and not completing his mission in this world , because i tried everthing and anywhere in my country, but I didn't succeed to find him a bride of the same species. And I won't find very soon...not in his life!!
My question is : Is it possible to breed them? Acanthoscuria geniculata female and curly-hair male? I read everything about breeding, in theory I am the best, but i never did it for real. So, I considered not to let them to waste, so.....should I give it a try??
I know the general opinia obout mix-breeding, and about pure breed, question is : techincaly, is it possible??


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Jan 4, 2006
Mixed breeding is possible with some species, but not across different genera.. I would help you out with breeding him, as I have an adult female ready to mate, but I live in the United States, and do not know if you can ship him.. sorry about that..if my soon breeding project of this species works out I will try and send you some babies:)..

Mushroom Spore

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Oct 14, 2005
Absolutely not. She'll just eat him.

Tarantulas identify the proper species of mate by the very intricate drumming patterns both spiders make. If it's not the right beat, he's lunch. Sometimes with closely-related species (like if you had two Brachys), it can be close enough that they MIGHT mate.

A brachy and an acantho? He'll be dead in seconds.