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Isopod... all in the same container? bad???


Old Timer
Jan 3, 2007
Would anyone recommend AGAINST putting three different species of isopods in the same container?
I have a species that is purplish (larger than my orange isopods)
I have the orange ones
and i have the dwarf white
I need to make room for my other invertebrates so i am thinking about putting them all in one container?
do you thing that they'll cross breed?
thank you all for any input on this topic.


Old Timer
Jan 5, 2005
i wouldn't be worried so much about cross breeding (checking how close they are in taxo could potentially alleviate concerns there) but rather one species eating the eggs (er, do iso's lay eggs?) or young of another

they should only require minimal caging. i would much rather go get $2 worth of containers for the $1 store

p.s i have no experience with keeping isopods


Old Timer
Nov 27, 2005
If you have one that is purple it could have an iridovirus and may infect the others. Some species are naturally a grey blue color but I see you are also in California and the iridovirus is pretty widespread here.
I was actually going to do an experiment to see what would happen if I put a few purples in with regular isopods. I wonder if they would all be infected. Anyways, if you are trying to culture them I would suggest keeping all blue/purple colored isopods separate.