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Isometrus maculatus


Old Timer
Mar 18, 2005
got nailed in the palm of my hand while packing up all my I. maculatus... he started to get out of his lil vile, so i cupped my hand over him to chase him back in

That wasn't a bright move

Pain was instant and well noted. Very similar to slamming your hand on the business end of a thumb tack.

I went into the bathroom and rinced the area with as hot water as i could stand for 2-3 minutes (trick I learned on the AAS website i think it was). Pain subsided in that amount of time.

Now 10 minutes later, slight tingle at sting site. And I feel like I have a medium level hangover.

note: one hour later... mild headache remains.

No other effects noted.


Old Timer
Dec 8, 2005

i started cleaning my enclosure at 3:00 pm/feb30, so i picked up one of their 3 hideout. i didnt notice that some of the agresive males have climbed the "no scorping" sign that i have placed on the top of the 2nd hide out.

i could say that the male hated me for disturbing the gavid females on the hide out so he gave me some(3) greetings. the pain was really instant, i dropped the hideout but still sure that no scorp was injured then bit my finger(pointer finger? im not sure of this in english) and i suck it and dropped my saliva, i look for any thin rope or tread and tied it at the base, i used then our very own ointment for stings and tetanus. pain started to fade but i saw 3 bumps, i know it is the place where he stung me so i looked for a pin and deflated those bumps. lymp started to flow and pain faded further.

3 hours later, no more pain but the deflated bump started to darken.

10pm pain started to come back but im sleepy thats why i didnt look at it.

9am it is totally black at the spot abd my finger starts to swell.

12noon swell becomes hard

3pm few pain

by now not so painful


Old Timer
Jul 7, 2008
I was feeding my 2i scorplings and one climbed up onto the lip of his deli cup. Since they are so small, I was very gentle in getting him back into the cup. I must have pinched one of his legs in between my finger and the cup and he stung me. At his size, I was amazed it pierced my skin enough to feel it. It felt like a pin prick. The area got a little pink. No pain beyond the initial sting. I will be more cautious as they get bigger - this was a nice forewarning.