Is there any dealer from China and philippines? (or any in Asia)

Justin L.

May 18, 2006
I need some indigenous species from China or philippines. (or any in Asia)

I am interested in arachnids and reptiles, so please send me a pricelist of them.

For the dealers in the philippines, I usually prefer trading because I also have some species, mostly tarantulas.

If anybody wants my species, I can sell or trade, so please do not hesitate.

Just e-mail or call me if you are interested to deal or want to be informed the pricelist.

I don't speak tagalog, so please send or speak to me in english.

Thank you.


p.s.) for the people who could not contact me before, I had a problem with my cellphone and network once in a while. If you are still interested in dealing, please try again!