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Is my T dehydrated or is something else wrong?


Dec 4, 2018
While the enclosure ideally would be taller, it should be fine until it next moults if you give it some place to hide off of the floor. Just lean a cork bark against the edge with some fake plants as others have mentioned. Be prepared for your spider to not be as visible from now on though, as it'll make a web hide and spend most of it's time there - it'll be happier though.

cold blood

Staff member
Jan 19, 2014
Thank you! As soon as I can find a ruler I'll be sure to do that and keep track of it. And, I've been wondering about the gender but I figured I'd have to wait until it molts, but I'll post the picture you mentioned and see if I can possibly get that figured out....... What would be some good clutter and plant ideas?
Looks female.

Lean a piece of wood that extends to the top. Surround the top of the wood with plant clutter, the more the merrier. Plastic plants are perfect. The wood provides a stable platform, the plants provide both cover and anchor points for webbing.


Aug 22, 2018
You can house it in whatever you want as long as it has proper dimensions in terms of height and size depending on the size of your T. :)

I recently rehoused my two arboreals into these (just so you get an idea):

C. versicolor (sling)
View attachment 293949 View attachment 293953

its former enclosure
View attachment 293952

A. merianae (juvenile/sub-adult)
View attachment 293950

and his former enclosure
View attachment 293951
Did you make those enclosures yourself?


Oct 13, 2017
Did you make those enclosures yourself?
Yes. :) Especially for smaller arboreals there aren't so many options here in Germany, and I love repurposing and building stuff for them. ;)