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is my invert ready to molt?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by t3nLegs, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. t3nLegs

    t3nLegs Arachnopeon

    well heres the scoop. i bought my tarantula this past friday. (4 days)
    its not long. so the first day he sat in every corner of the tank.

    i waited till saturday. i dropped in a cricket. he ignored it. i removed the crivet 24 hours later. not he is sitting on top of his hide and rarely moves. maybe a leg will move slighty. ive noticed on this back theres a dark spot.. well it is now black as can be. and from what ive read that is a sign its ready to molt
    now i have no history of this spiders age or when he/she last molted. so enclosed is the best picture i can gather in hopes that some one can confirm or deny a possible molt.
    i did however raise the humidity in the tank some just incase.
    if he/she is actinng like this because of stress. id like to know that too.

    this first picture is jsut a pic of when i first got him home. jsut so you have an idea of how big it is and can maybe give a guess on age?

    and here is the best shot i can get of the tail end

  2. That is a G Rosea some are known as pet rocks but they can go months without eating just make sure water is available at all times but they also are very slow growers it looks like it's in pre-molt but it could be 4 months before the actual molt just be patient and it will molt here is a link to care for them http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?t=5292 And take the crickets out it isn't going to eat them most likely
  3. EightLeggedFrea

    EightLeggedFrea Arachnoangel

    The substrate looks moist. G. rosea should be kept dry.
  4. Mushroom Spore

    Mushroom Spore Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Never raise the humidity for a G. rosea, they hate it and it doesn't really help with molting anyway - internal hydration (drinking water) does. If something goes wrong with the molt itself and your spider doesn't get it off before it hardens, THEN you can look up how to soften the partially-molted exoskeleton with water or something so they can try again. But otherwise, no.

    Also your spider sits still all the time and almost never moves? Yyyeah, that's not gonna change. ;) Our hobby is exciting. If the spider starts running around all the time, THEN something is wrong with it.
  5. Yeah so sorry forgot to tell you never raise there humidity read the link in my earlier post and it will help you on caring for this species and the substrate is a little too moist by the looks of it
  6. t3nLegs

    t3nLegs Arachnopeon

    Ty for the replies..

    Ok well as of last night my t went into his hide for the first time :]

    I know its a chilean rose haired. But I didn't know it was also called a g rosea. Ty for that

    Te temp is a constant 79 f with a himidity of 50- 65 % if this should change plz let me know.

    The link provided is appreciated. Ill look at it when I'm home and no on m cell phone. I also bought a tarantula keepers guidebook. That's been helpful as well

    As for the crickets. They are out. That pic was when I forst got my t and I put em in just incase he/she was hugry. I'm going to wait 3 more days before I make another attempt at feeding it again.
  7. kc7wdg

    kc7wdg Arachnosquire

    ZERO NADA NO humidity needed for a rose hair normal room temps and humidity is just fine for them. Also I have a male that looks like yours in the second picture black mirror patch and very little rose color on top. He has been that way since late October, early September so enjoy waiting he hasn't eaten since then either. And I do offer now and then, he has water and his abdomen hasn't shrunk at all that I can tell in that time frame either.


    On another note I'm sure you know they only have 8 legs and two pedipalps not ten... :)
  8. bamato

    bamato Arachnodemon

    "g rosea" is the latin name for this species. It's shortened around here all the time to keep from typing them out. Grammastola Rosea is actually the full name ;) Get use to them, learn them :)
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2008
  9. t3nLegs

    t3nLegs Arachnopeon

    Hah I know it has 8 legs. It looks like 10. And this is the most "creative" name I can think of.

    As for the substrate. Its dry on the tops now and a little moist down lower. That pic is literally 10 minutes after I got it home and in that cage.
    How about misting the cage? Should I and if so. How often?

    I haven't misted yet however since the substrate hasbeen giving off enough moisture the past few days.
  10. Let the substrate dry out no misting is needed
  11. kc7wdg

    kc7wdg Arachnosquire

    To quote myself...

  12. Mushroom Spore

    Mushroom Spore Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Correction: It is a G. rosea, sometimes called a Chilean Rosehair or Chilean Rose or Chilean Flame Birdeater or a Purple Monkey Dishwasher because there is absolutely no consistent use of English names in the tarantula trade so you may as well not even bother. ;)

    The temp should be above 65 and below 85, and the tank should be dry except for the water in the dish. Stop tracking humidity entirely, you're only going to confuse yourself unnecessarily - this T doesn't need it.

    Not long enough. You should only be feeding one or two crickets once every week or two anyway, and your T won't starve even if you don't feed it for months. So if you have a T that doesn't feel like eating, give it a couple weeks.

    As you have been told repeatedly by multiple people in this very thread: do not mist the tank for any reason ever. ;) This is a desert species, the only thing you'll accomplish is freaking the poor thing out.
  13. My G. rosea went for 2 years without eating. I got her Fathers Day '06, she ate until October of that year, then steadfastly refused food for two years, until she molted on 11/03/08. She still drank, and was active, but she would not touch a cricket, a roach, a pinky, nothing. She's now eating again, post molt. Enjoy your rosea. :)
  14. t3nLegs

    t3nLegs Arachnopeon

    thanks guys.. the substrate is drying well. the dish is losing water... but ive yet to see my T even walk near it so i think its evaporating but if it is drinking. that makes me feel good.

    ill wait until the new year to try to feed it again. ty for the input.

    and thank you all of the response. i knew i shouldnt have listend to a kid at a pet store making less then id even imagine.
  15. actually, petco's T caresheet tells you to mist your rosie to keep a damp environment :wall: so don't beat yourself up over listening to a petstore employee. they CAN be as ignorant as their store...
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