Is it gone??


Jun 23, 2007
I got my second order of slings in the mail today (Hurray!!) and everyone looked great except for one .5" H. maculata.

Ok well, color me confused. :confused: BUT I don't know if it's dead or not. It didn't move when I removed it from the vial and put it in the deli cup. I put it in a dark, quiet place, and it hasn't moved since I put it in about 11 hours ago. Still sitting in the same spot. But... I touched one of it's legs a little bit ago with a paint brush and the spider moved the leg away from it ever so slightly, and has done so a few times now. It's so tiny that the slightest motions are hard to see. Any advice on what to do? Leave it be I'm assuming. I've read enough posts to know that's usually the case with larger T's but I've never seen anyone talk about one so small before I don't think. Let me know if anyone has any other ideas, or if that's the best I can do. And when will I know if it's truly dead or not? I'm desperate to keep it alive... It was for my husband. :( He's not much for spiders (He's strickly a watcher. In absolutely no way, shape or form will you catch him touching ANYTHING that might have to do with a spider), but he said he REALLY liked the way these look, and normally all I get is an "It's ok." or "That doesn't look too bad." so I bought this one for him to "Watch". I love them all. I've never been an addict with ANYTHING ...until now!!!

Thank you very much in advance,



Old Timer
Jan 18, 2005
If it isn't doing the death curl then it is more than likely getting ready to molt. I had an A. versicolor do the same sorta thing, but it ended up molting the next day or so. Its usually harder for T's to move when they are about to molt (correct me if i am wrong) especially at that size.

I would say try not to bother it too much by poking at it and check in on it every once in a while.