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Iridiopelma hirsutum


Old Timer
Aug 19, 2009
I lost ALL my records,so this is off the top of my head..
Female molted in early August,and is right around 4 inches.
Male molted end of September,and made a spermweb within 2 weeks of maturing.Male was co-habbed with the female for 2 weeks,no insertions/pairings were witnessed.Male was removed,and female was offered as much as she could eat.She fed for maybe 3 weeks,and then went off feed.For the next month she gained quite a bit of weight,and she tore down her tube and built a new,larger tube.Awoke to her clutching a sack some 40 days after the male was placed with her....Pulled sack on New Years day,and found 67 eggs,with a few being EWL's...There was quite a bit of cannibalization in the incubator(30 eaten)so I placed the remaining slings in 3 oz deli cups for the rest of their incubation..Total #s are 27 healthy 2nd instars after everything was said and done..A small amount never made the molt to 2i....The female has been re-paired and appears gravid again...I am taking better notes this time around...Fingers crossed..