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gypsy cola

Jan 16, 2014
A while back I asked @viper69 about inverted AMAC boxes. I decided to follow his advice

I used the top method opening for my P.metallica, when fetching a molt I accidently snapped one of her legs. So this is currently the top opening enclosure and this is horrendous. I am keeping her in this slum box until I get a full size cage from Jamies.

After following the advice of viper69. This is what my girl and I made together.



these cribs be pimpin' yo.

So I definitely recommend the inverted AMAC for your arboreal T's. It's looks pants dropping attractive, easier maintenance, safe, and while I can't speak for my T's... I assume they feel pretty fly. Also soooooper dupes fun to makes.


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Dec 8, 2006
Nice work Gypsy! I have some suggestions for you for those 2 Avics.

For the size of your slings, your container is a good size. It should last for a few more molts for the versi, maybe not the metallica as they are larger. However, at least the versi, maybe the metallica too, will run into a problem as they grow. They will have a difficult time moving around the cork because they will be larger. See you want your containers to last as many molts as possible (save $$ that way). However, if your Ts end up in a container too small, and they squish through the sides where the cork comes close to the container walls this will result in the Ts losing the setae on their legs. In short they will have bald patches on their legs until their next molt.

So I recommend that you have smaller pieces of cork, OR follow the suggestions below to combat their growth. My suggestions below also for an Avic to grow without having to change their cage furniture over the course of a few molts or more until the T outgrows the container of course.

I have a slight modification that I use for m inverted AMACs. I do a few different approaches, but all end up the same that is, all climbing media, be it plastic plants, cork etc, gets suspended from the walls or the ceiling of the container via hot glue. For plastic plants, I drill a hole and put a portion of plant stem out of the hole and then glue it that way.

I do this because I have found it easier to maintain the lid at the bottom for cleaning, and Avics reside at the top. There's no need for you to change, just another thing you can try.

Now, the downside of my design is Avics poop everywhere, so it will be harder to clean the plastic plants as I can't take them out without turning their removal into a project.

I haven't had a problem w/hot glued items coming off.

There's an example below with my 1.0 A. huriana

@Trenor tagged you so you can compare what Gypsy did with my notes above now that you have a growing collection of Avics :D

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May 12, 2016
I love AMACs so very very..They're simple, inexpensive, lots of size choices, and crystal-clear to boot! I've had terrible luck with top-opening arboreal enclosures. Yours is quite the improvement.
It's too bad his leg was injured before the change was made though. I did that once to my mantis and I was very sad :(