Invert License?


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Jul 17, 2002
In Florida, you are now required to get a license to keep any invert that is not a native species (excluding spiders for some reason). I want to get a new milipede, but I'm going to need this license first. Does anyone know how I go about getting it?



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Jul 27, 2002
"In Florida, you are now required to get a license to keep any invert that is not a native species (excluding spiders for some reason). "

You've gotta be kidding me. You aren't, are you? Jeez, is this like a new thing?

So if I were to go to a pet store and try to buy a scorpion, I couldn't do it since I don't have a license? But if I wanted to buy a tarantula, it's all good?

I guess as long as spiders are excluded, this doesn't really affect me too much. What about online dealers? In states where a license is required, will they ship to somebody who doesn't have a license? Or is it like, they'll ship to whoever places the order, and it's the buyer's responsibility to comply with state laws.

I hope it's the latter. I mean, as long as dealers can still ship to me, I really don't NEED a license. You know, unenforceable laws and all that.


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Aug 16, 2002
Generally, permits and licenses are the resonsibility of the buyer and not the seller, at least within the country, after all, dealers can't really be expected to know the ins and outs of every state's laws. Florida dealers, like Glades, however, may require proof of the license before selling anything.

I have heard that the license isn't too difficult to get, I'd probably do it if I lived in Florida. Now, a permit that lets a private person keep exotic phasmids and scarab beetles? Forget about it!



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Jul 19, 2002

man thats gotta suck needed in a liscense, geeez i'm glad they don't have that here in Michigan, needed liscense or not though I would get the pet i wanted regardless, just be careful;P ;P ;P


word to the wise...

I would be careful when asking the USDA about millipedes. I am not trying to scare anyone and I don't think they really care but for the record millies eat plants which in the USDAs eyes makes them a no no. Same with sticks. Mantids and other bug eating bugs are fine but no plant eaters allowed. Asking might stir up stuff you dont want. I know this as I have had to deal quite directly with the USDA in order to get the license needed for my Gliders and we went over all the other animals too. Needless to say yes millies did come up in the conversation and they are considered a risk to native flora and fauna by the government.
I have to say I don't really think millies are a real threat but I have to give it to them on the stick bugs some of them can really mow down some foliage fast. Again not trying to scare ya just dont cause yourself an unwanted headache.