Interesting Observation with Regards to Feeding


Feb 24, 2010
I know this might stir up a lot of controversy, but I never see my tarantulas get overly fat, I feed everyday, with lats that are the same length as the abdomen or a bit bigger, and they never get too fat, they just stop eating for a few days then molt. Now I've seen pics of tarantulas getting fed less and getting a lot fatter. I have 7 Ts and they never get too fat. Do they adjust their metabolism depending on how much they are fed that's why if it is used to getting fed more often, it will still be the same with another T getting fed less?


Old Timer
Nov 6, 2003
There are variables to be considered here, namely amount fed, species and temperature.

You're simply talking feeding frequency, which is only part of the equation. The amount fed is the other.

From what you're describing, it seems you're feeding a small amount rather than
anything close to what the spider is capable of eating at that given meal. If you enjoy this there's nothing wrong with it, but you're just making more work for yourself. Those of use with more animals don't have the time to do it this way.

I feed a large meal, maybe another large meal a week later, and after 2 or 3 cycles of this (and watching abdomen size) most individuals are done eating until after the next molt.