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Jul 19, 2002

Hey Galeogirl,

Tanks for the link, very interesting! Ancient arachnids are awesome. Today the Schizomids are still very small (around .2" to .3"), lack eyes, and have a tiny 3-segmanted tail. They are the closest relatives to the Uropygi (vinegaroons). The order Schmizomida contains around 85 to 90 species today and are most commonly found in the tropics and sub-tropics under logs, stones and leaf litter. The pedipalps of Schizomids are very sufficient killing tools designed somewhat like spiked, retractable pincers that are used for preying on tiny arthropods such as mites and ants. Schizomids of the genus Trithyreus can be found in southern California and those of the genus Schizomus can be common in South America. Overall they are incredible, awesome little arachnid predators.

Alex S.

Drawing of basic Schizomid body structure:

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