Interesting A. cristatus behavior


Mar 24, 2016
So at the kindergarten show and tell with our insect specimens, I took the lid off the critter keeper that houses the A. cristatus, I believe it is a male. He hangs out on the lid, so I simply inverted it so the children could see him.

At the first class, the room was brighter and the children noisier. The bug stood tall on all 6 legs and produced a white liquid from his rear end. Normally his frass (correct name for bug poo?) is orange in color.

I am wondering if he did this as a defense...he remained settled down in the other two classes. Just for some habit background, I do remove the lid probably every other day to offer him some moisture in the form of a misting. I simply set the lid down, with him on it, on the counter and he proceeds to sit still while I mist the critter keeper.

I have never seen this white fluid before. It made me nervous so I put him away in case he was getting upset and might fly, something I have never seen and do not want to see lol.

This particular specimen, shortly after his final molt, made some chirping noises when I was corralling him on the critter keeper lid. He made the noises in a defense posture, front legs up similar to the way a Mantid carries itself. He did not excrete this white fluid at that time...

So interesting to me! These creatures are just fascinating.