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Apr 15, 2016
so I have been making/selling custom enclosures and custome hides to MANY of the forum members.

I have never had a single issue/complaint to daye from ANY of my customers.

All of the sudden its telling me i have insufficient privledges to post or comment or reply in the for sale/trade/want to buy section.

I have done nothing wrong i am aware of (or have been made aware of). I have not gotten a message from any administrator of this forum. I just suddenly cant bump my ad to the top, nor can i create a new one.

Can anyone help with this????


Apr 15, 2016
For reference, this is my advertisement as its been since i made it.

***NEW ITEM***
After all the positive feedback and requests i will be pre-building/seling custom sling enclosures.
I will call them "sm" or "lg" as i only make 2 sizes currently but both are for arboreal slings (terestrial can be discussed).
Here are some examples of what the custom enclosures look like:
those are some examples of what they look like and they will ship to you with everything you see except the substrate (use what you like or prefer). *NOTE*
These are not DIY kits where you set them up, these are 100% pre-built. Everything is securly glued with hot glue so they will arrive safe an sound exactly as pictured and be ready to use instantly and your slings will LOVE them (mine do).

When your sling out grow their little custom habitats its time to move them to larger enclosures so what to do???
Just msg me and we can set you up with one (or more) of my custom hides that i craft for juvies to adults of all sizes.
Here are some examples of what the hides look like:
The hides vary in shape/size/detail/etc.
Hides that are affixed to a wood round base are sterilised through baking @300degrees for 2 hours.

Items will ship out the friday after payment is recieved. (Exceptions to ship out sooner CAN be made) Shipping will be regular freight (unless otherwise requested). Items are very secure and wrapped in bubble wrap where applicable. Any issues will be handled on a case by case basis via PM. Any return shipping costs are at buyers expense.

I stand behind my work and am very proud of how i care for and display my specimens. The same enclosures and hides i make/sell to you are the same as the ones i make/use for myself.
If something is wrong or broken or your simply not happy, inbox me here and we will work out a resolution ASAP weather it be exchange/refund/partial refund/etc.

sling enclosures-
Range from $8 ea to $15 ea depending on size (sm or lg) and depending on detail requested.
Range from $10 ea to $35 ea depending on size/detail/moss/foliage/etc.

Prices are subject to discount at my discretion based on size of order, ammount of order, repeat customer, refferel, etc.

Thank you for shopping and i look forward to helping you raise your next slings from baby to adult!!!!


Apr 29, 2015
You can only reply to your own adds. No member is allowed to reply to another add, you have to PM the seller to communicate. If you don't have sufficient privilege to create your own add maybe you're not maintaining "Active member status" or you are trying to post an add in the "premium section" which is for sellers with a store/website


Oct 11, 2012
Prior to these two posts, you did not have the 15 posts within the last 45 days required to be an "active member." If you read the classifieds terms and rules, it lets you know what is required in order for you to be able to post in classifieds. Looks like you probably had 14 posts within the last 45 days, and jumped to 16 when you made this thread and posted twice.

G. pulchra

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Jun 7, 2005
Considering your making a profit from the forum, I'd recommend becoming a supporting member. Seems like the right thing to do.