Insecticide barrier


Feb 21, 2011
Now that spring has fully set in, various bugs are coming into my house and my wife wants to spray insecticide around the perimeter and in the crawlspace beneath. I have 4 T's and am super worried that this will result in their untimely demise. The company that will do the spraying is Alpha Ecological and supposedly it is a type of pesticide that only harms the bugs that walk through it and is supposed to not be airborne. I am still terribly worried for my T's. What have people experienced in regard to the situation I am facing? Is it possible to do the spraying and keep my T's healthy? I plan to ask the company as well before they spray, but I imagine they will say whatever they have must to get us to pay them.


Mar 20, 2011
If you want to play it super safe have someone be a tarantula sitter for a couple days and then bring them back in. Otherwise you're just going to have to take your chances. But you have to realize that stuff like this can happen:

You walk over your doors thresh hold, now the poison is on your shoes
You take your shoes off, now the poison is on your hands
You feed/handle/water your T's and the poison gets into their enclosure or on them

Doesn't seem likely, but it is a possibility.