Inquiry: Wholesale Suppliers?


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Nov 10, 2006
Are there any Wholesale Tarantula/Scorpion Dealers that any of you have had expierence with?? I've heard of Extreme Reptiles and another that I cannot think of right now...Just curious if there are others...


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Jan 5, 2005
there's strickly reptiles,echo regional(dewy/dewy),US GLOBAL EXOTICS,in the past ive delt w/them do problems,there are more but can't think of them right now:wall:


Nov 12, 2003
I wouldn't touch them with a stick

My two cents about Dewy & Dewy Reptiles (Andy Charek)... They have HORRIBLE communication (none basically). But they are very quick to send you a paypal bill. I would be very very cautious with them or avoid them all together. I was strung along for weeks. (mind you, a small part of it was due to coordinating it with my travel) It's unimaginable to me that someone can run a business the way they do. I called them repeatedly, emailed them and didn't find this thread/link

until AFTER I had sent them money. You can imagine the sleep I lost and how stupid I felt for having sent them money as they ignored my attempted contact with them. I left many many messages on their voicemail and I can't count the number of emails I sent them trying to get them to ship my order. I did reach someone by phone once (a lady). Then I called again and got a voicemail advising that they would be away from the office. I finally did get my money back but had to open up a case with Paypal. Never got my order and I was left with the impression that they never had any intention of shipping anything. I wonder if they even ever had what they were selling in their possession. Never offered so much as an explaination.

You've been warned!!!
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