Inquiry: Jeffebeck Arimas


Jun 21, 2006
Hi Bannanaspider ,
sorry for my bad english.
i ve dealt two times with Jeff , first deal last year , was good, fast sending with EMS , not so much dead arrival , but not total original order . blue giant millipedes ,which i ordered ,weren´t available in quantity i ve ordered, so he exchanged with other millis.
second order , this year may , was a great accident , his postman Jay sent with phillipinespost , after three weeks my parcel arrived. what should i say, big problems with germancustoms and nearly all athropods were dead :(.
if you are interested i can send you fotos of my parcel :evil: .
i paid complete order in advance and high payment 90$ for sending . i ve thought fast sending with EMS and then such a bullshit.
until now ,no replacement for my big order :(. he says he will replace them for a new small order and sending costs , because his postman Jay won´t replace the mistake ,he made .
unfortunaly Jeffs son was real ill and so he had moneyproblems.
i agreed that i will pay the sendingcosts again and made a new small order for some spiders.that is nearly 4 weeks ago and until now i didn´t recieve my replacement or my new small order :(.
i also said that i ve time and i trust in him.i hope he will replace my lost ,it were not only some millis :(.
Jeff is a good guy , i think only Jay has ripped me with the sending costs.
but until now i would say , pay only the half ,make no big order!!!, it seems that small orders are better and describe how you want packed your parcel.

Has any one had any dealings with this person,as i might be do some busness with him?



Jun 1, 2003
Waiting on Order???????

Hi I only know of one person and even he claims he was worried about his order,it took awhile to get there.I am still waiting on an order that was messed upm and returned to jeff,It never got to me and he claims he is sending another to me.NOTHING YET!His shipper may be the problem,Jeff seems to be alright but i cannot speak on his items untile i recieve something.Maybe half of the money is WISE next time.
GG aka: Scorpionking:worship: